By Seyed Mahdi Mirghazanfari

Traditional medicine: How to keep healthy in autumn?

November 10, 2017 - 10:31

TEHRAN — Owing to the fact that the temperament (Mizaj) of autumn is cold and dry some mental and physical conditions may also develop during this time of the year.

Allergies, psychiatric disorders, digestive system malfunctions, pulmonary diseases, or joint disorders are some of the health conditions that can be worsened during autumn. Over the previous article some of the health tips to remain healthy during autumn was explained. 

Here are the rest of tips to keep healthy during autumn:

Note that one should not stay in cold places for long during autumn and should cover themselves with warm enough blankets at nights. 

Mizaj dryness (which from Iranian traditional medicine point of view consists of dryness of the body, the skin, the bowel and the brain) is pretty much common in autumn. Constipation (dryness of bowels) affect the digestive system and cause difficulty in getting rid of solid waste from the body, so taking natural laxatives is highly recommended in this season. The best laxatives are those with warm Mizaj such as fig and olive oil. 

One can take three to five dried figs a day (diabetics must be cautious). Soaking dried fig in rose water during the night and consuming it in the morning can be helpful in treatment of severe constipation (and in general people with dry Mizaj). 

Taking one table spoon of olive oil or sweet almond oil in the morning or blending it in a glass of water with some rock candy or honey can help those suffering constipation. 

Brown sugar (unrefined sugar) is also beneficial for the body as it has warming characteristics and can act as a laxative as well. Drinking a warm glass of milk with one table spoon or tea spoon of brown sugar and or with 1-3 dried fig (macerated in the milk) for breakfast is also of benefits.

Applying olive oil or sweet almond oil clockwise on the body can also soothe constipation. One can also eat one tea spoon of sweet almond oil every eight hours to treat constipation.

Applying a few drops of sweet almond oil in each nostril will also relieve dryness of the brain. During autumn the humidity of the brain will diminish and applying oils on the forehead and the face or squeezing some drops in the nostrils would balance the brain Mizaj and decrease the chances of depression, sleep deprivation, or anxiety. 

Taking warm showers and applying sesame, chamomile, or sweet almond oil, after washing the body and before leaving the bathroom, would help treat skin conditions such as eczema, itchy skin, and cracked skin. 

Smelling pleasant odors such as rose water, daffodils, and amber which create a sense of happiness would stop or diminish some psychiatric conditions from developing during autumn.  

Seyed Mahdi Mirghazanfari, MD, holds a PhD degree in medical physiology and is an Iranian-Islamic traditional medicine researcher. He is also an assistant professor in AJA University of Medical Sciences, Tehran.


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