Iran seeks World Heritage listing for Rab’-e Rashidi

December 9, 2017

TEHRAN – Iran’s cultural heritage body keeps an eye on possible inscription of the ruins of Rab’-e Rashidi, an educational complex dating back to the 14th century, on the UNESCO World Heritage list by 2025.

The complex was established during the reign of Ghazan, a ruler of the Ilkhanid dynasty. It embraces a paper factory, a library, a hospital (Dar-al-Shafa), a Quranic center (Dar-al-Quran), residential facilities for teachers, students’ quarters and a caravanserai amongst other facilities.

The Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Center in collaboration with Tabriz Islamic Art University has recently completed first chapter of an international project that lays basic groundwork for a UNESCO recognition.

Archaeological speculations, geophysical surveys, 3D laser scans, endoscopy of the ancient structure were among exertions carried out during the project, CHTN quoted Bahram Ajorlou, a senior archaeologist, as saying on Saturday.

Situated in northwestern city of Tabriz, Rab’-e Rashidi includes several archaeological layers that date from Ilkhanid, Safavid and Qajar eras, Ajorlou added.

It is said that students from Iran, China, Egypt, and Syria studied there under the supervision of physicians, intellectuals, scientists and Islamic scholars.

The Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Organization plans to introduce the archaeological spot to international guests of ‘Tabriz 2018’, an event which marks the naming of Tabriz as the capital of Islamic tourism.

PHOTO: A general view of Rab’-e Rashidi in Tabriz, northwest Iran


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