No link between departure tax and inland tourism: expert

December 16, 2017 - 21:12

TEHRAN – A tourism expert says a sharp rise in the departure tax does not necessarily lead to an increase of domestic travels due to the psychology of tourism that has not been taken in account.

A proposal by the administration to triple the departure tax for the upcoming fiscal year, starting March 21, 2018, has prompted a wave of concerns over the fate of traveling in the country.

The tax hike is not likely to attain its goal of boosting domestic tourism as most countrywide destinations lack sufficient infrastructure to host huge numbers of holidaymakers, ISNA quoted Mohammad Ebrahim Larijani as saying on Friday.

“People might desist from going abroad for a short while due to a sudden shock [derived by the tax rise] but will resume their [international] travels in less than two months.”

The ones who can’t afford such extra cost will mainly cut down on their domestic trips to compensate for overseas travels, meanwhile the tax is not expensive for many, he added.

The departure tax is proposed to reach 2.2 million rials (about $52) from the current 750,000 rials (about $17), yet the fee will jump for ones who would make their second or third trips over a one-year period.


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