By Martin Love

Wealth moving from West to East

January 6, 2018

CALIFORNAI - Protest and turmoil. Social or political or economic or all three. Some turmoil has been happening in Iran of late.

The attention of news outlets in the West turned to it, thanks to the corrupted mainstream media, particularly in the U.S. The same old responses, as with other states that have undergone unrest to a greater or lesser degree. The U.S. is “with the People” of some country, but against its government, it claims. A government it wishes were subservient to the U.S.

But what’s interesting is that the mainstream media in the U.S. has not reported on massive protests in Israel against Netanyahu, and against Israeli corruption. And the same media rarely suggests that protests in the U.S, which are frequent enough in recent years, is due both to political and social discontent. Real protests, sometimes frequent, in the U.S. are snuffed out by what amounts to an existing U.S. police state as bad as anything the former East Germany erected with the Stasi, and as bad as anything the former Shah erected with the Savak in Iran before the Islamic Revolution.

And even worse, the U.S. government does not give a damn about “the People” in some country that is witnessing some unrest. Any statements suggesting it does are, frankly, a LIE. Did the U.S. give a damn about the people of Vietnam 50 years ago? No. The people of Iraq or Libya or Syria in this century? No. The people of Yemen or Somalia or Afghanistan now? No. Let’s get real. The U.S. government today, controlled by oligarchs and the Military Industrial Complex, does not much give a damn about the American people, too. This is fact and more and more people in the U.S. are figuring this out, but too slowly some believe. The U.S. government, unfortunately, cares hugely about maintaining its POWER, economic, political and military, and that of its “allies” such as Israel or Saudi Arabia to name two undemocratic allies. Trust this statement, Iranians.

So, if for whatever reason as an Iranian you have a beef about YOUR government now, don’t let discontent play into the unfriendly machinations of the U.S., or of the Saudis or the Israelis and others. Please! Continue to support Syria as an intact, independent country. Continue to support the Palestinians and justice. Continue to support any country or party that resists succumbing to the diktat of Washington and which stands against injustice and oppression. And many Americans support you, too, in this. Never forget that. Even if you don’t hear of this support very often. The world needs multipolarity. A unipolar world with the U.S. in charge has been a disaster since myself and 500,000 or more Americans marched several times against the Vietnam War forty plus years ago in Washington. Vladimir Putin of Russia has insisted on multipolarity, too. And that brings up Russia as partner with and neighbor to Iran. 

As the recent discontent is partly economic in Iran by all accounts, and the country is suffering with too much inflation relative to economic growth rates, consider that the future still looms ever brighter. And this despite U.S. economic sanctions which the U.S. under foolish Trump and his Zionist masters may augment. Iran is allegedly going to join the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union this year, for one thing. 

While Washington threatens further sanctions on Iran and on Russia, too, these two major Eurasian economies, are moving closer to de-dollarize their trade flows and to lessen the impact of any Western sanctions. Washington reacted the last time a major country, Ukraine, in 2014 opted to join the EEU and then was the target of a CIA-led coup d’etat. This time the U.S. will not have its way. The geopolitical map of the world is changing rapidly and in ways Washington seems not to grasp.

Quite a few other countries also want to de-dollarize trade and get out from under U.S. control. Furthermore, China’s Belt and Road initiative will tie together countries in Asia like never before in a peaceful accord, and present an insurmountable rebuke to U.S. and Western imperialism. The U.S. anyway is so deeply in debt now, having missspent on costly and ludicrous wars, that it will never succeed in climbing out of its deep financial hole. All this will, in time, boost Iran’s economic prospects enormously and help all Iranians. It’s the coming thing, a huge shift of wealth and prosperity from West to East.

Speaking with Dr. Vladimir Golstein last week in Providence, R.I.,, Golstein said enthusiastically that Russia and Iran are “natural allies” and have often been so allied for centuries. “Iran joining the Eurasia Economic Union this year is a sure step to greater prosperity for Iran and partners,” he asserted. Golstein is one of the world’s top experts on Russia and neighbors from his post at Brown University in the U.S. He believes that Russia will not abandon increasingly close ties with Iran, and the economic union will bind partner countries together peacefully even further.

It would seem, anyway, that as the West, the U.S. especially, expends and exhausts itself in efforts to dictate to the rest of the world, the aforementioned wealth transfer from West to East will happen and Asian economies will shine, including Iran’s, while Iran in the meantime focuses on securing itelf further with a government responsive to the concern of all its citizens.

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