• Miko Peled 2020-05-13 21:53

    Israel: A utopian image or merely a mirage?

    TEHRAN – While the founders of Israel had envisioned a utopia for Israeli settlers, now after 72 years, it has brought no freedom or justice to anyone except for some Zionist Jews and been involved in genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians an Israeli-American activist and author tells the Tehran Times.

  • Ali Baraka, a senior member of the Palestinian Hamas movement in Lebanon 2018-11-17 12:25

    By Mohammad Fatemizadeh

    Netanyahu's gov. must pay the price for crime in Khan Yunis: Hamas senior spokesman

    TEHRAN - In the aftermath of the Zionist regime's infiltration of the Gaza Strip, which targeted and killed an Izz al-Din Qassam brigade commander, there were many questions raised about the incident. Why, for example, did the Israelis do it? It smashed the ceasefire information, but now apparently the ceasefire is back on again.