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Flixweed seeds: Iranian khakshir

January 16, 2018 - 9:23

Flixweed is the common name of the plant descurainia sophia. Its weed, known as khak-e shir or khakshir in Iran, is used with water as a drink, which is mostly used as thirst quencher in hot weather.

However, khakshir is considered as a remedy for many other diseases according to Iranian traditional medicine.

Khakshir should be washed from dirt and soil specs before use. Spoon a desired amount of khakshir and let it sit in a bowl of water, preferably plastic, for about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Stir, and then pour the contents into another bowl of water, rinsing out any residue that is leftover in the first one. Repeat two or three times to insure that your drink is clean and safe.

Its mixture with drinking liquid chicory extract (Kasni) and fumitory extract (Shahtareh) detox liver.

Aqueous extracts of the manna of hedysarum (tarangabin) and khakshir is a great drink for those who suffer from kidney stones.

If you mix khakshir with warm water, it becomes a laxative drink and its mixture with cold water turns it into a natural anti-diarrheal. 


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