IFB attracts 87% more funding yr/yr

April 3, 2018 - 20:45

TEHRAN- Iran’s over-the-counter (OTC) market, known also as Iran Fara Bourse (IFB), could manage to attract 306.6 trillion rials (about $6.2 billion) of funding during the past Iranian calendar year 1396 (ended on March 20), which shows 87 percent growth annually, Tasnim news agency reported.

In 1396, the total value of the IFB market grew 20 percent and the total value of its transactions expanded 29 percent, the report said

IFB’s main index (IFX) increased by 25 percent in the said time, while the indices of the first and the second markets of IFB notched up by 17 percent and 25 percent, respectively, it added.

The Iranian stock market has witnessed some first-ever successful experiences in the past Iranian calendar year both in national and international transactions and also in terms of science and training. On February 19, for the first time, some Islamic Treasury Bills (short-term securities based on Islamic principles) were offered to public in IFB on behalf of the Iranian government.


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