By Hanif Ghaffari

Bin Salman is doomed to failure

May 9, 2018 - 9:30

The long-term visit of Mohammad bin Salman to the United States, Britain and France, and its relationship with the invasion of US and its allies to Syria, was not much attended. This was while bin Salman's talks with Western officials were the main reason for US attack on Syria. On the other hand, this long-term visit has been linked to the political goals of the young Saudi prince, reflecting changes within Saudi Arabia.

Some believe that the visit of Saudi crown prince Bin Salman to the United States and France, as well as his talks with the authorities of both countries, has played a role in the recent missile strike in Syria, and his promise to cover the cost of the attack has prompted Washington, Paris and London authorities to take military action in this regard. However, Bin Salman's visit to the United States and France included some very important goals and objectives that should be explored. Bin Salman's visit to France, as well as his previous visit to Britain, had a catalytic role in attacking Syria, and was considered as one of the main causes of this military and illegal aggression. Before the current missile attack, however, we saw that bin Salman and Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, in a clear statement, urged the United States not to leave Syria and not withdraw its forces from the country.It's said that the formation of an "Arab army" with Saudi financial assistance and US command was one of the issues discussed on this trip.

Bin Salman's trip to the United States lasted for about two weeks, and during this time he spoke with many political and artistic personalities and many US economic and executive officials. Thus, it can be said that bin Salman had several reasons and motives in his trip to the United States and France. It is said that bin Salman is planning to announce his kingdom in Saudi Arabia by mid-summer, removing Malik Salman (his father). Therefore, he is trying to provide the domestic and foreign grounds for the realization of this dream. Indeed, one of the goals of the Saudi Crown Prince to travel to Western countries, in particular the United States, was to create the necessary preconditions for his ruling over Saudi Arabia as the richest country in the Arab world.Unlike the previous kings of Saudi Arabia, he tried to depict a positive, and up-to-date appearance of himself in these visits, and pretended to be familiar with new economic, political, and cultural policies and programs. His's seriously attempting to make others believe that he can make changes in the structure of the Saudi government.

However, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has pursued two other goals beyond his personal intentions in this visit. Objectives that, on the one hand, divert the minds from Saudi Arabia's actions in support of the most violent extremist and terrorist groups, and on the other hand, it seeks to create a ground that will allow the implementation of new West projects for Islamist devaluation in Saudi Arabia. In other words, bin Salman tried to make a new face of the Saudi government according to the West's cultural teachings. At the same time, he gave Western cultural, political and media officials the guarantee that he would provide the ground for implementing the reforms they had in mind if he could come to power as the new king of Saudi Arabia.

And finally, bin Salman's other goal in this trip was to neutralize the news of Saudi's failure in Yemen, and deny the military defeats of the Saudi regime. This was accompanied with his negative propaganda against Iran, and bin Salman repeated his false claims about the threatening role of our country in the region at every visit he paid to the political, media, cultural and military authorities of the United States.

What is certain is that bin salman's anti-Iran goals in his recent visit to the United States, France and Britain have been one of the most important parts of his program. Bin Salman tried to persuade the US administration and other Western governments to further hostility towards our country. This means that Western governments, with a variety of political, military and propaganda measures, will try to make up for recent Saudi defeats at regional levels and prevent regional equilibrium in favor of Iran.

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