Title: Strategies for Innovation in International Export

June 14, 2018

Writers: Alireza Tahernejad, Simin Amini-Zare, Giti Akramipur, Amin Amini-Zare Publisher: Dar ol-Hedayah

Our age is a period of change and in no time the influence of information technology has led human life to such an unsustainable and undergoing transformation. The establishment of new rules, regulations and standards for the global village, and the adoption of local practices and social or social standards by adapting the conditions of ethnic practices have led to the adoption of various measures.

The need for legal regulation of domestic and international laws and regulations, and strategies Innovative is the same in various fields of trade, including exports and imports. Moreover, the world today is evolving from various social, economic, political, cultural and technical points. Organizations are not excluded from this and are technologically and structurally affected by changes that affect their financial and financial performance; therefore, the issue of improvement in business indicators is important, and in this regard, innovation is important. Special finds. Organizations can rely on innovation, its promotion and promotion, and innovative activities within themselves to maintain their long-term supremacy in competitive areas. Nowadays, innovation capacity and international experience are elements that are often related to the concepts of globalization, with export activities as the first stage in the global process. Innovation is one of the tools for gaining competitive advantage for managers of current organizations. The present book, in two chapters, outlines the concepts of innovative strategies in international exports.


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