70 Iranian knowledge-based firms active in stem cells industry’

July 7, 2018 - 10:49

The companies are active in different areas from manufacturing equipment to handling stem cell cycle, IRNA quoted Amir Ali Hamidieh as saying.

“Up to now about 400 products in the field of cell culture and cell growth are made in Iran out of which three are manufactured by knowledge-based companies,” he explained.  

We aim to establish accelerator centers and invest on high-risk research projects to support knowledge-based companies, he said.

“Venture capital is a great solution for the knowledge-based companies to do their researches.”

Three products by the knowledge-based companies have so far been commercialized, he said.

One of them is skin stem cell technology product for facial rejuvenation, the other is biological dressing for eye disease, burns and diabetic wounds.


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