By Farzad Farhadi

Netanyahu’ fear of battle in southern Syria

July 12, 2018 - 14:48

TEHRAN - Syrian state media said the T-4 military airport was subject to Israeli attack early morning of July 9, 2018. A military source told SANA that the army air defense downed a number of missiles which targeted T-4 airport and hit one of the warplanes, forcing the others to leave the airspace.

Syrian Television “Al-Akhbar” reported that the attack only left material damage. Four to six missiles were fired at T-4 airport, most of which got shot down.

The T-4 airbase is a Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) base located in the Homs Governorate and west of the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria. The airport has 54 hangars for a variety of fighter planes, military helicopters and two runways, one with three kilometers in length.  

The airport is located 25 kilometers from Al-Shaer gas field.  In November 2014, following ISIS occupation of oil and gas fields in Al-Shaer, Hejar, Jazal and Al-Mehr, the airport was under the terrorist group’s siege. In the end, however, ISIS failed to take control of the T-4 airport. The military airport was previously attacked by Zionist jet fighters.

The new Zionist assault was carried out while Tel Aviv-backed terrorist groups in southern Syria. They have forced to surrender by the Syrian army or escape and collapse.

The terrorists formed Jaish-e-Jenoob group, which according to sources is affiliated with the group known as the Syrian Free Army, cannot change the direction of the war in southern Syria.

This is while, the Syrian army has declared victory over many armed groups such as Jaysh al-Yarmouk, Usood al-Sunna, Ansar al-Fallujah, gained access to their weapons, warehouses and arms. Given the current situation, the armed groups backed by Tel Aviv and Washington are on their last legs in southern Syria.

Expert view

Koma Jaffa, a strategic expert on Syria's affairs, told Sputnik, “The issue is about a major regional conflict in Syria. If we look at the previous attacks on the T-4 airport, we will see that the current attacks occur from south, in spite of the previous raids that took place from Lebanon, but why the south now? In my opinion, the situation in Syria is quite complex, and Russia is a major actor in the region. Moscow has a big role in Syria in terms of shaping up the situation and international relations. In my opinion, we are faced with a new phase of attacks.”

The attack occurred two days before Netanyahu's third short trip to Moscow.

Israel has eyes on Iran and Hezbollah. Israel's main goal is to keep Iran and Hezbollah away from southern Syria. Tel Aviv has reached a dead-end after the inability to overthrow the Syrian government and break up the resistance axis. Israel is seeking a confirmation from Russia on Syria, but the Syrian government is in a position that cannot guarantee Israel and its allies, and does not allow anyone to impose condition on Damascus.

It is clear that whenever the Syrian army gains ground and dominates new areas, the Zionist regime, which feels growingly frustrated, orders Israeli fighters to carry out attacks against Syria.

When Syrian army seized the Naseeb border crossing with Jordan and raised the national flag for the first time in years, Israel knew it had lost the battle.

The fact that Israeli fighters attack the T-4 airport in Homs province for the third time in less than three months, is a proof of the Zionists failure in Syria.

Zionist attacks on Syria, which took place with the most modern U.S.- made fighter, did not have any effect on Damascus and could not undermine the Syrian government and destroy the morale of the Syrian army.

The Zionist regime attacks continue against Syria out of fear of the Syrian or the resistance forces reaching the Golan Heights.  Tel Aviv pretends to be ready for anything in the future.

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