“Dictator in Love” on Hitler premieres in Tehran  

July 23, 2018

TEHRAN – “Dictator in Love”, a comedy about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun whom he married later, went on stage at the Independent Theater of Tehran on Monday.

“Dictator in Love” has been written by Asghar Khalili who is also the director of the play, a public relations team announced.

The play tells the story of an orchestra, which leaves the Auschwitz concentration camp, to the Führerbunker to perform during the wedding celebration of Hitler and Braun.

Sussan Parvar, Alireza Zamaninasab, Hamidreza Kazemipur, Hamed Nezami-Asl, Mohammad-Hossein Siahpush, Arman Ashtian, Fatemeh Mardani, Arefeh Memarian, Hossein Sepehrnejad, Mojtaba Majidi and Nima Oliai are the members of the cast.

The play will be on stage until August 23.

Khalili always brings historical stories to life in his plays. In July 2016, he staged “Mosaddeq’s Night Reports” at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall. 

Starring Farhad Aiish, the play was about the efforts made by Mohamed Mosaddeq, Iran’s former prime minister, to nationalize the oil industry in 1951, which were nullified by the CIA coup d’état against the national icon in August 1953.

Photo: Ghazaleh Jazayeri acts in a scene from “Dictator in Love” by director/writer Asghar Khalili.


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