Iranian students protest IAEA inspections of universities

July 29, 2018 - 21:3

TEHRAN – Iranian students held rallies on Sunday to protest inspection of universities by the International Atomic energy Agency and a possible inspection of Shahid Beheshti University in future.

The students gathered at the central square of Shahid Beheshti University and moved towards nuclear engineering department.

The protesters, carrying placards, condemned foreign inspection of the scientific centers and demanded an immediate stop to them.

"This is our university. That we should not allow inspection at a university where our own martyrs have been. Do they want to inspect? They can go inspect the Israeli centers. What business do they have here? What do they have to interrogate our scientists for? [They can go] other places; they do not even mention the names of their scientists. Here they want and interrogate our scientists over what they have and what they have not? Really it is a mistake they are making," a student shouted. 

Another student said, "The main demand that we, the revolutionary students, have of the country’s officials is that they do not let by any means the country’s scientific atmosphere be trespassed by inspectors; maybe even trespassed by spies. We want them to protect this atmosphere and create peace of mind for the students and professors."

Rallies were also held at the Faculty of Nuclear Science at Sharif University of Technology.

Reportedly, the IAEA inspectors have visited the Iran University of Science and Technology and Sharif University of Technology so far.

Science Minister Mansour Gholami said on July 18 that the Supreme National Security Council had authorized the inspections.

He noted that the inspections by the IAEA did not go any further than “visiting the laboratories” and it was not followed by any problems.



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