300 expat experts are faculty members of Iranian universities: VP

September 1, 2018 - 0:33

TEHRAN – During past three years, 300 talented Iranian experts, who have returned their homeland, became faculty members in universities nationwide, vice president for science and technology announced, Nasimonline reported on Friday.

Sourena Sattari said that 70 companies were established by 1,020 talented Iranians who returned the country during past three years.

Most of them returned from U.S., Britain and Canada and were graduated in engineering, basic sciences, and human sciences, he announced. 

Some Iranian talented experts travel their homeland to hold workshops and seminars, he said.

As Sattari announced in late May 2018, with the support of the National Elites Foundation and Science and Technology Vice Presidency, a total of 67 universities, knowledge enterprises, technology parks and incubators performed ‘Cooperation with Iranian expat entrepreneurs and elite’ plan.

The plan aims to attract Iranians abroad to share knowledge in different forms including postdoctoral research, research opportunity and visiting fellow.


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