By Martin Love

No, it’s not the strongly cruel who survive in the longer run

September 2, 2018 - 12:19

“The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.”

This is a direct quote of a Twitter submission by Benjamin Netanyahu this past week. It’s been copied (and condemned) by a variety of people on the Internet, and if anything has ever been written that shows the true face of the Zionist regime, this has to be it. It is fascist, and could have been written by a Nazi in Germany at the start of World War 2. “Might makes right” is apparently Netanyahu’s only thought. And, it seems, the only thought of the Trump Administration Neocons, too, who are directing US foreign policies and sanction activity worldwide.

One hardly knows how to respond, practically, to such an assertion, except to wonder what this dangerous man has been smoking, but it is entirely in line with Revisionist Zionism promulgated by Vladimir Jabotinsky as early as the 1920’s in Palestine. It was Natanyahu’s father who was for a time secretary to Jabotinsky, and thus Israel’s current Prime Minister was even as a child infused with an ideology that was anything but peaceful.

 You can’t teach a bad man new tricks. It’s awfully clear what Iran has been up against in the Mideast since the 1979 revolution, and given the US refusal to balance its policies in the Mideast, matters have only gotten worse, especially under Trump.

One can read every day of new atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank such that it appears the Zionists want to literally wipe out any Palestinian identity. This is genocide. And Trump has withheld funds from UNWRA and also wants to reclassify the number of Palestinian refugees from about six million in the Mideast to 500,000, forcing millions to give up any notion of equity and justice. The hard-right Zionists are going for complete domination of the region along with the US, despite the fact that quite a few better thinking Jews in Israel are protesting the Likud government under Netanyahu.

The statement above is fraught with error. For one thing, few anywhere in the world, except other Zionists, respect Netanyahu. He and his country are almost universally despised. He has no real alliances to speak of except with the US government and some among the Saudis and perhaps others in the UAE. Any kind of real “peace” is not made with the “strong” since there is no real strength in militarism and cruelty.

 It was the humble and meek and long persecuted Christians, for example, who in the three centuries after Jesus felled the mighty Roman Empire as it had been. It was humble but determined Prophet Mohammad who eventually overcame his naysayers, the recalcitrant and initially disbelieving tribes in Arabia in the early 7th century, which led to the ascent of Islam, a religion of brotherhood and peace in concept at least like no other.

The one thing that might be said about the U.S. government and the Pentagon and the all the various groups that comprise the so-called “Deep State”, even if is not much solace to emerging market countries like Iran and Turkey, or to Russia and China, and to those others in the Islamic world and Mideast who are suffering because of U.S. and Zionist actions and postures, is that they reek of complete desperation --  by doubling down on previous failures by doubling or tripling up on aggression and militancy.  Perhaps these operators know they are not holding a winning hand? It’s like a person in a boxing match with an adversary, but the adversary looks like the eventual winner and in desperation the loser changes the game entirely – by drawing a gun on the unarmed opponent.

It may be that Trump is the culmination of America and Netanyahu is the culmination of the Zionist state. It hardly looks that way right now, but stranger things have happened. It really does depend on countries like Iran, Russia, China and Turkey, and even Germany, finding effective ways to carry on business despite U.S. sanctions and threats from both the U.S and the Zionists. Otherwise, there will be Hell to pay for a refusal to try to stand strong in spirit and at the same time, exactly what the U.S and Israel are not in desperation – cool headed.  

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