Tehran Municipality to offer free plants, gardening courses

October 21, 2018 - 21:2

TEHRAN – Tehran Municipality is to implement a scheme offering free plants and gardening courses to citizens living in district 22, an official with the Municipality has announced.

Citizens will also receive free flower and plants to flourish their apartment balconies, YJC quoted Ehsan Safaei as saying on Saturday.

The scheme with a theme of “green balconies” aims at developing green spaces in houses by involving citizens in growing plants in their apartment balconies, and raising awareness in the maintenance of urban green spaces.

“Flower and plant clinic affiliated to the Municipality which is tasked to provide training courses and consulting services on gardening and planting to citizens, will implement the scheme,” he added.

The courses will vary in different seasons due to seasonally changing environments, he said, adding that planting seedlings, maintenance of trees and shrubs, pruning, growing winter season flowers, pests and plant diseases courses are among the subjects discussed in training courses in cold season, which, in addition to other courses, is provided to citizens completely free of charge.

Safaei further noted that providing training to children and women as family-affluent individuals is of great importance, which are the main targets of these courses.

Currently, three flower and plant clinics are providing practical training services to citizens, and by the end of this [Iranian calendar] year (March 20, 2019), these clinics will be expanded to each district of the capital, he concluded.


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