Iranian, Russian universities to launch project on herbal medicine

October 21, 2018 - 20:5

TEHRAN – Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University of Iran and Volgograd State Agricultural University of Russia will produce herbal medicine through a joint project, IRNA reported on Sunday.

The Iranian university chancellor, Asadollah Teymouri explained that the joint cooperation is based on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by the governors of the cities of Sari and Volgograd in early August.

In line with the implementation of the MOU, the joint project on production of medicinal plants is defined by the universities of the two provinces, according to which, the researchers of the two universities initially carry out research on plants in the northern provinces of Iran and Volgograd.

As per the MOU, after the evaluation of medicinal plants in terms of medicinal properties and effects, best mass production methods will be introduced and then medicinal plants will enter the production phase.

Teymouri also stated that scientific research results and modern survey methods will also exchange between the two countries, adding that for the implementation of the joint research project, we have enrolled 10 master degree students in the field of herbal medicine in the following year's semester.

In addition to the students, a team of University faculties also will supervise the research on medicinal herbs in the northern provinces of the country, he also added.

He further predicted the duration of research studies on medicinal herbs production as lasting for 2 years, during which, research will be carried out on about 300 plant species in northern provinces of the country.

Eventually, produced herbal medicine will be delivered to consumer markets, in this manner, Sari Agricultural University will use the capacity of several related companies in private sector, he concluded.


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