Centuries-old water supply system found in Alamut castle

November 4, 2018 - 2:0

TEHRAN - A team of Iranian archaeologists has recently discovered a water supply network, dating back to 795 years ago, used to supply water to the famed Alamut castle in Qazvin province.

The system which contains a dam and its associated channels was once supplying water to the height of over 200 meters, ISNA reported on Saturday.

Also known as the castle of the Assassins, the 12th-century structure is nested on top of a peak. It was once a shelter for the followers of Hasan-e Sabbah (1070–1124) who was a spiritual leader of an Islamic sect.

In early 1930s, British-Italian explorer and travel writer Freya Stark described her exploration of the place in her book “The Valleys of the Assassins”.


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