Importing used buses to compensate for Tehran fleet shortages

November 17, 2018 - 23:16

TEHRAN – Tehran bus operating company has requested the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade to import used buses to overcome the capital’s public transport fleet shortages, Mehr reported on Wednesday.

According to a five-year plan, Tehran must have 9,000 buses while there are only 6,000 buses operating in the capital’s transport fleet, of which some 3,000 are clunker and age more than 10 years, Tehran bus company’s director general Peyman Sanandaji said.

Unfortunately, no efficient measures have been taken for the renovation of Tehran bus fleet, he regretted, adding, not only the new buses will not enter the fleet, but the number of clunker buses increase.

“Although, purchasing new buses is a good idea which can cause great change, when it is not possible, used buses with minimum age or fuel consumption will solve the problem to some extent,” he stated.

“So, we have proposed the Ministry of Industry to provide second-hand buses for the bus fleet, which operate much better than the clunker buses running in the capital,” he said, adding that there is still no agreement or opposition received from the Ministry.


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