Smart buses to hit Tehran streets

December 17, 2017 - 8:27

TEHRAN – New buses equipped with internet, digital library, voice announcement and video systems will soon be added to Tehran’s public transportation fleet.

“We will add smart buses to the Tehran transportation system in the near future,” Peyman Sanandaji, Tehran bus operating company’s director general said on Saturday. These features have been installed in 3 buses right now and this process will be accelerated, Tasnim quoted him as saying.

Sanandaji highlighted that since the year 2010, the administration has not delivered any buses to Tehran bus operating company adding, “Tehran Municipality, as planned, has provided 80 new buses over the current year but the metropolis of Tehran needs more than 3,000 buses for renovating the transportation system.”

“More than 50 percent of around 6,200 buses in Tehran are clunker and age more than 10 years,” he mentioned.

“According to a five-year plan, Tehran should have 9,000 buses and we are looking into the possibility of attracting investment from the private sector to overcome at least a portion of this shortage,” Sanandaji noted.


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