Art initiative hopes to bring back copperware to modern life in Iran

February 13, 2019

TEHRAN – Young artists Negin Golchinpur and Abnus Alborzi have initiated an art project, which aims to bring back copperware to modern life in Iran.

They launched the project named “Dharma Handicrafts” three years ago, and during the interim have crafted a large collection of copperware, which includes cookware, plates and vases.

A new collection of beautiful copper trays, vases, lamps and dishes is scheduled to be showcased in an exhibit opening at Tehran’s Mess Negar Gallery on Friday.

The two have carried out research on different art styles common among ancient Iranian tribes and have updated the primeval motifs, images and styles to achieve a new form of visual symbols, the gallery said in a press release published on Wednesday.

Negin and Abnus hope every family decorates its house with practical dishes, which bear symbols of Iranian traditional art and culture.

They would like their handmade dishes to find their ways onto tables rather than being kept on window sills for decoration.

Seen in the collection are handmade copper and brass dishes mostly used for the Haft Seen spread, an arrangement of seven symbolic items all of which start with the letter ‘S’ in the Persian language as a gesture to welcome Noruz, the Iranian new year.

The exhibit will be running until February 22 at the gallery that can be found at No. 5 in the Park Prince Building on Molla Sadra Highway. 

Photo: This picture shows a selection of the Dharma Handicrafts going on display at Mess Negar Gallery.


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