By Mehdi Sepahvand - Head of Political Desk

Farewell to victims of terror

February 16, 2019 - 20:25

TEHRAN — On Saturday, the sky opened to the city of Isfahan where patriotic martyrs who died while guarding their homeland being held on deeply grateful people’s shoulder. They were ascended to heaven by the angles to rest in peace.

The whole city was sweetly scented with the presence of the martyred soldiers, who sacrificed their most precious possessions, their lives, to protect and guarantee national security and prevent a war so that we and our children can live in peace. 

A car laden with explosives hit their bus on Wednesday on Zahedan-Khash road, killing 27 of them and injuring the remaining 13. They were about to visit their families after spending many days on the border areas in the southeast, where terrorists look for every opportunity to infiltrate into the country to commit acts of terror.

Is it possible to witness this oppression, abomination, and rascality and stay quiet? If only it was possible to describe it in words, but it’s not. 

But the world should know why these young soldiers got killed unfairly. The world should know that the Islamic Revolution, which has scared off these villains, only seeks a Pure Life for all humankind. 

The world should know that they cannot find the truth in deceitful peace and security conference held by the U.S. in Europe; the truth lies here, where a soldier sacrifices his life to defend his country’s independence and honor, a soldier who is martyred not for invading a country but for protecting it. 

What a foul world, where on one hand a corrupt minority imposes sanctions and supports terrorism and on the other holds human rights conference.

This is what the public opinion should know and they must be ensured that the blood of such soldiers would soon smash the villains’ palace to the ground and flag of monotheism will be flown worldwide. 

This is what’s promised in the Holy Quran: once the 12th Imam will emerge in order to fulfill his mission of bringing peace and justice, the world will be filled with God’s pleasant fragrance and the earth will be inherited by the poor.

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