Sheikh Zakzaky and the Nigerians

March 16, 2019 - 10:51

ZARIA - History has recorded so many men and their great works, floating on the pages of books events has unfold some are ceremonious and some are brutal. The event of karbala to some people with shallow perceptions takes it as an historical illusion.

History had brought the event of Karbala to our era in the event of Zaria massacre were over one thousands of Muslims were killed of no crime committed other than their love of Ahlulbait.

Were a man six son was killed before his present, shoot him and also detained him. This man is Zakzaky the hero of which many ink and tongues are short of words to describe this unique personality; 

Who is zakzaky? In the view John Husain.

Sheikh Zakzaky is a man with good vision and mission to the Nigerians but they see him as a threat to their daily life routine. Different perception can be drag along different categories of life within the nation.

He is an idealistic person with mental magnitude but the so-called elites see him as a common Islamic scholar. He is a man of tolerance and understanding, the tribal warriors see him as sectarian vigot. He preaches truth, justice, and fairness among all Nigerians, the southern part of the nation refer to him as Hausa man from the north.

He has an outstanding policy that will move the nation to progress but the politicians see him as a person who will end their monopoly. He got no room for corruption hence the corrupt consider him as an arch rival. He respects women all the macho men consider him feminist. He accommodates Christians and the wahabists called him an infidel.

He didn't believe in Boko Haram (says its government made to serve a purpose) the security wants to name him a terrorist. He always helps the needy, the poor, the tycoons says he is a foreign agent.

He passed his university papers with the first class some academicians says he is a dropout. He enjoys millions of followers and the government says he wants to change the government, the system and way of leadership, he wants to revolutionalize the nation. Funny isn't it.
Who is this man please, why are many against him, doesn't he have the answers to our countless problems? It is time to know the ideology of this man, Sheikh Zakzaky."

Sheikh zakzaky is a man of foresight and a man of eloquent speech; His view on the world political system in general and in Nigeria in particular:

"We must realize that this will not take us out of the woods. Even if all the people were to call for the resignation of Babangida, a worse tyrant will take up the mantle. That is the fact. When Shagari was the president, people wanted him out. The moment he was toppled, Buhari took over. Then people felt that things were much better with Shagari than with Buhari. Now after removal of Buhari, people are again saying Buhari is even better. Now, if Babangida is to step aside, people will agitate why will he not come back?

It is like a spoilt car. You keep changing drivers because of your erroneous belief that the problem is with the drivers. As long as the car is not repaired, the journey will never be smooth. The problem is not about drivers.

For the avoidance of doubts, only a just system will produce just leaders. Thus, our efforts must be geared towards ensuring a just system. A just system will necessarily have to precede just leaders. 1992, at Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria.

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