Over 7,000 talented students qualified for pre-international Olympiads

March 18, 2019 - 1:26

TEHRAN — Taking part in 9 national examinations, 7,646 students managed to get admission for pre-international Olympiads exams, deputy director of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents has said.

Out of nearly 1.9 million high school students qualified to take part in the examinations, 83,694 took part in 9 national exams including Persian literature, geography, mathematics, biology, stem cell and regenerative medicine, chemistry, informatics, physics and, astronomy and astrophysics held on January 21-25, Enayat Salarian explained.

The pre-international Olympiads exams will be held on April 23-26, IRNA news agency quoted Salarian as saying on Sunday.

Some 47 percent of the participants were girl students and the rest were boys and in general nearly 9.3 percent of the students were able to achieve the high score to take part in the pre-international Olympiads exams, he added.

Salarian went on to say that 56 percent of the students partook in experimental sciences exams, 30 percent took part in mathematical sciences exams, while 14 percent sat for human sciences exams.

He further highlighted that biology Olympiad is the most popular Olympiad among the students with 21,497 students taking the exam while astrophysics was the least popular with only 3,481 participating in the examination.

Once the pre-international Olympiads exams will be held some 360 students obtaining top scores in their respective groups will be chosen to attend classes with rigorous curriculum for 30 to 45 days and finally only 80 of them can attend 6-month courses and half of them will be eventually qualified to take part in international Olympiads in various fields, he concluded.

It should be noted that Persian literature, and stem cell and regenerative medicine Olympiads are only being held on national level for now.


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