Experts mull over media literacy, ethical consideration

May 27, 2019 - 14:41

TEHRAN – Iranian experts discussed media literacy and ethical consideration during a meeting on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

The increase in interaction between people in cyberspace decrease the reliability between them in real world, University of Tehran professor Mohammad Mehdi Faturechi announced.

“The social media has a role in 10 percent of divorces in Iran, as it is mentioned in the divorce files. The social media made the couples to lose their interest in each other,” he lamented.

All countries are affected by the problems exist in cyberspace and Iran is not an exception, he explained.

The importing of technology prior to the culture for its usage is also an important factor, which lead to several problems, he said.

The anonymity in cyberspace encourages users to do some tasks, which they do not do in real world, he said.

Besides, the cyberspace provide a chance for ordinary people to connect to celebrities and popular figures, which lead to some problems, he said.

The vastness of cyberspace without any place and time is another issue. A plenty of information and data are available in cyberspace, which lead to an unorganized system, he said.

“Today, we should teach our children about media literacy even before they go to school,” he said.

Hossein-Ali Afkhami, a professor at Alameh Tabatabaei University, also made speech during the meeting.

The norms that exist in cyberspace is according to global culture, which may disregard our religious and national values, he lamented.

The cyberspace should be introduced to young generation hence they can understand the connections and contents they face, he said.

However, the cyberspace is not different from the society and many damages that young generation encountered in social media has already existed in the society we live in, he said.

“We should accept that in some countries, 70 percent of the economy is based on cyberspace and technology,” he said.

Afkhami called the cyberspace as a great opportunity for economic development.

He suggested the age limitation for accessing the cyberspace, as a great way to deal with this issue.

The Judiciary’s general director for cultural affairs Mohammad Reza Khoshkhou was another attendee at the event.

Sometimes issues related to cyberspace have crucial roles in Iranian courts, he said.

The cyberspace affects the quality of relationships, he said.

Absolutely the cyberspace originates from real world, however, one cannot deny the role of individuals in this atmosphere, he said.


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