‘National Information Network provides advanced cyberspace for Iranians’

May 30, 2019 - 1:53

TEHRAN -- The National Information Network (NIN) provides an advanced cyberspace, which benefits people and businesses, a cyberspace activist Mehdi Sarami told Mehr on Tuesday.

In many developed countries, such networks are established as a symbol of power and sovereignty of governments in cyberspace, he said.

The NIN, as the main infrastructure in cyberspace, can have great benefits for users and service providers, he said.

Secure, fast and low cost services are the facilities that NIN can provide for the Iranians, he said.

The national internet service should have priority to foreign competitors, which is not fulfilled yet, he lamented.

The NIN provides facilities for the users to use Iranian websites and applications with faster speed in comparison to foreign ones, which may lead to their inclination to use national services, he said.

All services provide by the NIN should be legal and the rights of users, providers are protected, he said.

The first phase of e-government services project in Iran officially came on stream under the title of ‘Mobile Government’ in mid-May 2018.

The National Information Network is an independent domestic network which enables Iranians to communicate without reliance on international Internet hubs.

The project aims to facilitate some government services, reduce unnecessary expenses and ease traffic jam, which is the main cause of air pollution in big cities.

It is based on the National Information Network, an ongoing project to develop a secure and stable infrastructure network in the country.

The national scheme comprises several projects including but not limited to the expansion of the local fiber optic network, installation of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and giving a boost to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).


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