By Mohammad Ghaderi

Fox news’ role in possible removal of John Bolton

June 18, 2019 - 12:9

Fox news, an agency closely affiliated with hardline Republicans in the United States, has recently announced that based on the latest polls, Donald Trump will probably lose in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. 

The Fox polls, conducted between June 9 to 12, showed former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden leading Trump by 49% to 39% among all registered voters nationwide, while Senator Bernie Sanders held nearly the same advantage over the president, at 49% to 40%. Three other democrat nominees (Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and Mayor Pete Buttigieg) were also ahead of Trump. 

It is surprising that Fox News releases such a report, because this agency’s polices are majorly shaped by Trump supporters. 

Up to now, Fox news had conducted many similar surveys but the results were either falsified or never released to the public.  

Before the Fox news report, Donald Trump’s own reelection campaign also released the results of an internal poll to the ABC news. 

Based on this report, Trump was far behind Joe Biden in key battleground states; namely Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida where Trump had the lead in 2016 elections and have a strong republican base. 

It seems that the media that were close to Trump’s campaign used to censure the polls and surveys that revealed Trump’s likely failure in the upcoming presidential elections, but now, all these media, with one accord, are trying to send Trump a unanimous warning! 

The question is how much trump will publicize these warnings and act on them, and what is happening behind the scenes. It seems that a very complicated plan has been devised so that Trump can remove John Bolton and even Mike Pompeo from his cabinet. 

According to this scheme, Trump will pretend that he was “forced” to fire John Bolton so that his supporters cannot accuse Trump of abandoning his own National Security Advisor. 

It is no secret that Trump’s popularity has substantially reduced over the last months, especially after his policies led to higher tensions with Iran and failure in many U.S. foreign policy issues; however, the real question is why U.S. media, especially the ones close to the White House, such as Fox news, have started to expose Trump’s unpopularity.

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