Today’s war is ‘battle of wills’, Rouhani says

June 18, 2019

TEHRAN – In an open reference to the Trump administration’s harsh economic sanctions and psychological warfare, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that “today’s war is battle of wills and hope”.

“They seek to make the Iranian people disappointed about the future of the development of the country by relying on their evil plan and plots,” he said at the opening ceremony of Salam Terminal-Gallery of Imam Khomeini Airport City.

He added that the Iranian people will not lose their glory and seek to make enemies disappointed.

“At the end, it is the people who will be winner in this battle, because we are not countering people. We have no war with people. We are countering a number of “inexperienced politicians” and all the Iranian people participate in this battle,” he said.

“Inexperienced politicians” is an indirect reference to U.S. President Donald Trump and his close allies including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

‘There is no one that does not praise Iran’s stance on JCPOA’

Rouhani also said that there is no one in the world who does not praise Iran’s stance on the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Trump has violated international law by withdrawing the United States from the JCPOA which is endorsed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

“Iran has abided by its promise. Iran has abided by its signature, but the one whom we are confronting has violated international law,” he said.

He noted, “Today, no one doubts about rightfulness of our country which is a turning point for the Iranian people. In countering an international power, we have acted in a way, from the political and legal points of view, that no country can condemn us and this is a great victory for us.”

After a year since the U.S. quit the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions including oil embargo, Iran announced on May 8 that its strategic patience is over and partially removed limits on its nuclear activities.
In line with the decision, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) announced on Monday that Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium will exceed 300 kilograms by June 27.

“From today the countdown has started and it means that by Tir 6 (June 27) the production of enriched uranium will exceed the 300 kilograms,” AEOI spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi told reporters at the site of the Arak heavy nuclear reactor.

On May 8, the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) issued a statement declaring if the remaining parties to the JCPOA make an agreement within 60 days to offset U.S. sanctions, Iran will reverse its decision. Kamalvandi insisted on this point on Monday.

Iran has threatened if a decision is not made by that date it will take the next steps.

After June 27, Kamalvandi said, Iran will speed up its uranium enrichment activities beyond 3.67 percent if the other sides don’t take a practical step.

“After surpassing 300 kilogram, we will increase the speed of producing enriched uranium above 3.67 percent,” Kamalvandi stated.

Under the JCPOA, Iran agreed to put caps on its nuclear work in exchange for termination of economic and financial sanctions. However, Trump unilaterally pulled Washington out of the nuclear deal in May 2018 and ordered reimposition of sanctions against Iran. The first round of sanctions went into force on August 6 and the second round, which targets Iran’s oil exports and banks, were snapped back on November 4.

Also, on April 22 the U.S. announced that Washington has decided not to extend waivers allowing major importers to continue buying oil from Iran. The waivers ended on May 2.


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