By Martin Love   

The Jeffrey Epstein case could sink U.S. elites and induce real change

July 14, 2019 - 10:43

NORTH CAROLINA - If anything can get worse, like the corruption among the powerful and wealthy in the U.S. in recent decades, it just has. 

Of late there’s been reams attention paid to the arrest last week at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey of Jeffrey Epstein, 66, a super well-connected Jewish billionaire who is a known sexual pervert and convicted sex offender with an obsession for underage females and lots of notable friends formerly or currently in high places. People like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Alan Dershowitz, among scores of others, and even codgers like Henry Kissinger. Epstein was returning from Paris on his private jet when the FBI nabbed him and charged him with various grave offenses that could land him in jail for the rest of his sordid life.

 The list, in fact, of “friends” of Epstein includes so many politicians and celebrities and wealthy individuals it is stunning. What did this bag of sleaze have to offer? Well, allegedly, young, underage hapless, needy teen girls for one thing for trysts at Epstein properties, but it remains unclear just exactly who, aside from Epstein, also committed sex crimes although it’s a pretty good guess that Bill Clinton and perhaps even Trump may have participated back in the 1990s and into this century. Epstein, currently in prison and not yet out on bail, if he ever gets bail which seems unlikely, has offered to name names of those who PAID for his pimping services in exchange for a reduced prison term of no more than five years. But this is a joke of an offer because you can bet the very rich people who know Epstein would not have literally paid for such services as Epstein’s “friends” and associates. At any rate, Epstein’s re-arrest after over a decade when he was earlier convicted and received basically a slap on the wrist and the potential revelations ahead and further convictions could be the biggest scandal in the history of the U.S. And as well reveal the utter depth of the corruption of the “elite” and monied in the U.S.

But there is another angle to this worth exploring, and that may eventually be explored. The possibility that Epstein was working for a foreign “intelligence” agency and may have filmed or recorded various people in compromising situations for the purpose of blackmail by some non-U.S. government entity. In fact, the federal attorney who managed to get Epstein off with minor punishment a decade ago is Trump’s current Secretary of Labor, one Alex Acosta, who claimed he had been notified that Epstein was part of the “intelligence” community and thus went easy on him just over a decade ago. To make matters even more bizarre, Epstein’s former lover, friend and co-conspirator was one Ghislaine Maxwell whose father, Robert Maxwell, a former newspaper tycoon in the U.K., was once linked to Mossad.

Another fact is that Epstein, a man who never even earned a college degree but who worked on Wall Street for a while and then went on his own with some kind of alleged hedge fund, lived like a billionaire, but no one as yet has accounted for HOW exactly he became so wealthy, and no one has apparently come forth to claim they invested money with Epstein’s firm or even worked for the organization. Was Epstein connected with Mossad in some nefarious way? Did Mossad make him rich? That’s the biggest speculation flying around right now. 

It’s hard to say but this is a case that remains murky indeed and the public may never know exactly who and what Epstein was all about and who he answered to ultimately. Some other pundits have also opined that Epstein had (to have had) a “state” sponsor and was running a blackmail operation targeting the most powerful people in the U.S. The evolution of this story at the moment has the most public attention of any.

One observation when one spies the breadth and scope of this story, and the many powerful people involved and who may be caught up in this scandal and who could wind up in prison, too, suggests that Epstein could NOT have managed this alone, nor his rather vast holdings of multiple homes on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Caribbean. Where was all the lucre coming from? How could he have managed to operate such a scheme for so long? These and many other questions may or may not be answered fully as Epstein eventually goes to trial once again. Bill Clinton for one is alleged, based on flight logs, to have gone on 24 trips aboard Epstein’s jet, aptly named the “Lolita Express”, but Clinton is claiming he only took four trips abroad courtesy of Epstein. People who have reason to condemn Epstein’s operations are coming forth to spill the beans like never before, and it’s anyone’s guess how this tale is going to play out and whom it’s going to finger for criminality. But the potential here is that the full scope of the corruption in the U.S. may for once be exposed.

Obviously, the question here is what this bizarre and lambent mess of crime has to do with Iran?

It may not be very probable, but it is still remotely possible, that at least part of this tale involves the grip the Zionists have had on U.S. foreign policy because many of the people who have MADE U.S. policies in the past two decades at least have been involved with or at least knowledgeable about Epstein. And if bribery has been a factor in warping U.S. policies in the Mideast, which admittedly is not a sure thing with respect to Jeffrey Epstein, it may well impact, at last, the public’s perception of the role of the Zionists in their control of U.S. “elites” and thus policy. It’s the sort of tale that could mark a sea change in the U.S. and abroad, because the public’s eyes may at last be opened. One really can’t speculate further about this now because so much more needs to be exposed and proven, but the case of Jeffrey Epstein is worth watching from afar. Nothing like it has ever surfaced before. 

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