Relief foundation providing houses to 6,500 underprivileged families

July 22, 2019 - 20:20

TEHRAN – Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation has started providing residential units to 6,500 financially struggling families residing in deprived areas across the country, the foundation’s deputy director has announced.

“The houses have been built as per a memorandum of understanding signed between the relief foundation and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps,” ISNA quoted Ebrahim Bazian as saying on Sunday.

“In the first phase, 5,000 housing units have been transferred, and through the second phase of the project some 6,500 houses are being transferred to those in need,” he explained.

Since past three years, the foundation has earmarked over 30 trillion rials (about $715 million) to provide 100,000 residential units for the families under its coverage, he noted. 

He went on to say that during the past three years the foundation has retrofitted and repaired some 250,000 houses owned by the underprivileged. 

Referring to the houses affected by flood, he noted that some 30,000 housing units owned by those under the foundation’s coverage have been destructed, 12,000 of which have been beyond repair.

He concluded that reconstruction of flood-hit houses will be completed by the next two months.


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