By Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Sabet

Italian filmmaker Diego Vida: Iranian minorities live in sympathy with each other

August 10, 2019 - 16:1

Italian producer, director and writer Diego Vida, who has collaborated in numerous Hollywood productions such as “Fast & Furious” and “Mission Impossible”, as well as in videogame projects like “Bomberman”, and “AdventureQuest”, has chosen to live in Iran.  His studio is located on Kish Island as he visits other cities to raise his level of knowledge of Iranian culture and lifestyle. Diego has shared his views about many issues in Iran and the world in an e-mail interview with the Tehran Times.

Q: Diego, I have read a lot about your love for Iran and Iranian culture. Could you tell us how and when you became familiar with Iran? And where does this love of Iran come from? When did you decide to live in Iran?

Well honestly, the first time I was really scared to come to Iran because of the Anglo-Zionist propaganda. I remember the moment of landing at Imam Khomeini International Airport I was just thinking, “Oh my God, what’s going to happen to me? As I am a Christian-Catholic and a Westerner, what if the police officers dislike my crucifix necklace? What if they check the music on my iPod, or my cellular photos wearing a swim suit at sea? Maybe they’re going to arrest me! Certainly, none of these things happened to me. Instead all of the Iranian personnel were kindly towards me in the airport. So my first impression was really good; moreover, days later, I could clearly see the lies spread by the Anglo-Zionist propaganda, because the real image of Iran was far different than the Western television spin. 

Some people who hear my words may say “Okay dude, if you were afraid of Iran why did you go there?” Then, I would say that’s probably correct. Anyway, the real reason I came to Iran in the first place was because my contract with an Asian company was about to finish, so I had two options: either going back home, or else keep working for an Iranian-Turkish company specializing in visual effects. That’s why I chose Iran. 

I’m a European-Italian-Sicilian citizen, and in this last regard, I have noticed that the culture of Sicily is similar to Iranian culture. We are religious, we care about the family, we dislike divorce and we respect our women and close family. In addition, our food is like Iranian food: rice, kebab, kebab tabei, kuku sibzamini, kufteh, barbari bread, bastani – ice cream, and fish. Also our streets look like Iranian streets, too. Actually, every time I walk in Tehran it feels like walking around in my city, Catania, so I feel at home. Iranian people are nice, polite and places are clean; there aren’t any illegal immigrants that bother Iranian citizens. 

In the west it’s different. We have many dangerous illegal immigrants from Africa that bother European citizens: killing, raping, beating, robbing, drug running and being naked in the streets. And when our citizens defend themselves and their families against one of these illegal immigrant criminals, our police officers arrest the European citizens using the excuses of racism! All of this is because the corrupt European governments protect these illegal immigrant criminals, so they are untouchables who receive better protection than the endangered Panda species. So here in Iran, I feel myself to be safer than in Europe, which now is the United States of Europe, a clone of the even worse United States of America. 

Also Iranians have the same skin color as the Italians so for me, being in Iran feels like being in the real Italy of 20 years ago, made by real Italians, long before this hellish globalization, which is now making Italy and Europe the new Africa—better to say the Afro-West, like America. In Iran, there are no terrorists unlike in the West, where there are many terrorists imported from outside with the excuse of being refugees, when, in fact, these people are mercenaries working for the Anglo-Zionists, who, together with the illegal immigrants, are preparing for the upcoming civil war. 

Some people would say “Okay, if Iran is paradise, why are there criminals, too?” I would respond that every country worldwide has its criminals but in Iran, the crime rate is lower than Italy. It is much lower than the European states and, indeed, much lower than the United States of America. So this is a serious issue for our Western countries; it means something is not working anymore. However, living in Iran is a great chance to breathe the real wellness of a sovereign nation that cares about the safety of its citizens. Because the law is working, indeed, no foolish criminal would want to try committing criminal acts like they do in the West. 

One more thing I like is the Iranian martial art called Pahlavani, an ancient discipline supporting the valor of the family, brotherhood, religion, mercy, courage and respect for the environment. The Pahalevan sportsmen used to provide protection for the villages where they lived; nowadays, there are several different schools, and I’m thinking of taking up this sport.

Q: What is the name of the studio you have established on Kish Island? Why did you choose Kish Island to set up your studio, and what kinds of work you are doing at there?

I opened a company on Kish Island named Diaco, the Persian form of the name of the Median king Deioces that it also means Diego. I chose Kish because it is a free zone offering 15 years of exemption from taxation. Additionally for foreigners, it’s easy to get an entry visa and the place is reachable by air from Dubai airport, too. Perfect for doing business, the place is quite relaxed and doesn’t have the volume of traffic like Tehran, and living or touring is possible, too. I provide several services such as Italian products, including food, business in the Iranian market, tour and travel, event organization, translation, legal assistance, and video production. I provide visual effects services, as the Iranian talents work well indeed. I also have a studio in Tehran. 

Q: I read in several articles about your documentary shot in Iran, so what’s the topic you wanted to talk about Iran?

Many filmmakers and TV reporters tend to shoot videos showing Iran as a poor country like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. In this way, they say how poor Iranians are; like living in a third world country. Iranian women are veiled and oppressed, and homes are old and the standard of living is low; it’s just miserable. Also they represent Iranians using the image of Arabs or Moroccan people so many Westerns now think Iranians are Negros, like any other Muslim living near the Mediterranean Sea. In Europe, these illegal immigrant criminals from Africa aren’t all Muslims; it’s just that a majority of them are practicing voodoo, terrible African rituals making sacrifices of people. Every time I go on TV, I always speak well of Muslims, pointing out that Africans aren’t all followers of Islam. Indeed, some of them commit crimes by the voodoo rituals, but it is difficult to open the eyes of people because most of them watch television and they listen to all the fake news released by our lying European media. 

Here I want to say parenthetically that, for centuries, Italy has always been friend of the Middle East and Iran, as well. I would like to remember the manager of our Italian oil company named Eni, Mr. Enrico Mattei, who was assassinated by the Anglo-Zionists Mafia because he was a competitor of the Seven Sisters international oil companies while making a deal with Iran and other countries in Middle East. Also Mr. Edoardo Agnelli, the owner of the Italian automotive firm FIAT, converted to Islam, becoming a Shia Muslim, and in 1981 he was sitting close to Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei praying in a big mosque in Tehran. Sure enough, he was assassinated, too, and afterwards, his company was taken by a Jewish family named Elkann. Our Pope Paul VI also came to Iran several times and met with some Muslim clerics. 

Unfortunately nowadays things are different because the Anglo-Zionists dominate pretty severely in my country, like any other country in their hands. All politicians who have tried recently to change something just get assassinated, like Jorg Haider from Austria, Gianluca Buonanno from Italy, and Mr. Farage from the UK who has survived 2 assassination attempts. 

So in my documentary, I talk about all of these facts, referring to Iran and how it actually is, without caring about the Anglo-Zionists: a country full of opportunities for jobs, business trading and goods. Indeed in Iran it is possible to find high-tech products: for example, PlayStation 4, smartphones, iPhones, 4K OLED TVs and motorcycles—like my favorite Pulsar from Bajaj Motor and also the Italian brand Benelli— and new cars that cost less than Europe. Moreover, with my documentary, I have increased tourism in Iran because Italian people have asked me for information in thousands of emails, or at conferences and film festivals. They were just amazed, telling me, “Wow, really? This is Iran? It is modern, beautiful and different from what we see on TV.” Of course, I would tell them don’t expect to watch this footage on the TV news, because they will never show you the real Iran. I would like to invite many filmmakers to shoot videos of the modern Iran. It’s important to discard the fake image of the poor countries I mentioned before. By the way, the poor countries listed above are poor because the Anglo-Zionists – the exporters of democracy – made war there, otherwise, these countries would be like any other normal country with a normal life.

Q: In your previous interviews, you have said that Western media always gives a dark image of Iran and that you are unhappy with this negative attitude toward Iran. Why does such a negative attitude towards Iran cause you to be unhappy?

In Iran, there are Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians living in sympathy with each other, so the fake stories about the oppressed minorities are lies made up by the corrupt international media and the UN human rights organizations; the same thing regarding Iranian women oppressed by Iranian men. As I far I can see there is matriarchy in Iran; I can even sense that women are the bosses of the family and that Iranian men are oppressed instead, because the law of mehrieh [a gift, mandatory in Islam, which is given by the groom to the bride upon demand] and nafaqeh [the Islamic legal term for the financial support a husband must provide for his wife during marriage and for a time after divorce]. So the men are forced to give their women alimony before and after. Eventually men have nothing except that they risk going to prison like the old law of the Soviet Union. 

Unfortunately, some women take advantage of this deal, and the poor men run the risk of losing their money, house and land. Even for ridiculous claims such as, for example, a wife may dislike her husband’s job as she feels humiliated herself. In this way, she can demand the mehrieh even after 6 months, destroying her husband by getting the sons, then having a new life with another man. So all this power is not fair because a woman never marries somebody for love, but instead she marries for business. Divorces are increasing at present and this is not religious behavior, because the Quran tells the husband and wife to respect each other in richness and poverty, in illness and health. From the other side, unmarried women can receive the pension from their deceased mother who previously received it from her husband when he passed away. In the West, our women can receive neither a mehrieh nor a permanent pension from their mother’s pension. Only in Italy until 1992, we used to have this law but after that, the Zionist removed this benefit for women. Nowadays, the media talk about the rights of the women but they never mention that this important law was removed to make the world the domain of the imperialists’ privatization. 

So I want to say to all Iranian women don’t dislike your country Iran, because you have many rights that the Western women don’t have anymore. And those “rights” promoted by the Anglo media propaganda are sexy attire, having sex with other men, homosexuality, lesbianism, living together in lieu of marriage, alcohol, drugs, partying, and many other dirty things. Because this is not freedom; it is just the opposite. It is slavery and the loss of dignity for human beings. Before they marry, citizens in Iran are required by the Iranian government to get medical tests, something that in the West for the sake of democracy they don’t require, because the corrupt governments enjoy making everybody get sick since this is business for the pharmaceutical companies. 

It is not wise to believe in the satellite television channels, because they broadcast Zionist imperialistic propaganda since they are trying to destabilize the Iranian nation. Strangely they don’t say good things about Iran like banks give 20 percent interest while in the West, we don’t get any interest from our banks; we just pay them. Often in Iran, it is possible to find a deal for renting a home giving a deposit to the landlord that he can invest in a bank earning money through interest. At the end of the contract, the landlord will give back the deposit money to his tenant. So the tenant doesn’t actually pay rent for the house, however, in the West it isn’t possible to do such thing. 

Iranian state television is free of charge, but in the West we must pay for it on our electricity bills every month, so an Anglo-Zionist mafia business imposes slavery upon all European citizens. In Iran, highways are free of charge while in the West, no. The only good thing we have in Italy is free health care, including ambulances, hospitals, medicine and district doctors, and a medical emergency night clinic located in each area. Extra water fountains are free of charge. But soon, the Anglo-Zionist imperial domain will make all private, making us pay for everything even for the air we breathe, like in the United States of America, a democratic country with more than 100 million poor people, where an ambulance in your currency costs from 30 to 100 million rials. 

Also in public offices in Iran, it is always possible to find a chair in front of the desk where disabled or elderly people can sit, but not in the West. In Iran, on the bus, metro and trains, women have the priority to sit; in any case, men stand up and let women sit; in the West, not anymore and neither for the elderly. In Iran, the television broadcasts normal programs, film and TV series without any disturbing scenes. In contrast in the West for democracy, our TV broadcasts filth because pornography is important for social life, making every hour filled with content pertaining to sex, from the commercials to shows, films and TV series, even at times when kids watch television until evening and night where this [sexually oriented] content increases, becoming wild by adding more and more, while only using American stuff; it’s just like our daily bread. 

The ironic point is that the same television talks about dictatorship in Iran, so I wonder what is the meaning of freedom with no dictatorship? Just violence, drugs, no family relationships, wild sex, rape over and over and adult filth causing the loss of human dignity - does having all of this make us free? 

In Iran, it is possible to enjoy delightful food produced inside Iran, so the other lies from the Anglo-Zionist propaganda about no producers of food in Iran is false, so I say Iran is not need of humanitarian goods; maybe the West needs humanitarian goods. Indeed in the West, it is impossible anymore to find real quality food produced, be the European governments following the order of the Anglo-Zionists imposed upon all countries to import food from Africa. In America all of a sudden, we became incapable of producing our own delicious food. Indeed, many European companies have failed, especially in the south, and are now importing contaminated food from the Anglo countries, increasing diseases like cancer and bringing new allergic diseases. Also concerning the business of the plants, for some years now we have been importing from United States of America a poisonous plant named ambrosia that causes a terrible allergic reaction. The only relief is a bothersome therapy, which, in any case, will be chronicled every year. It is really disturbing. 

Q: You have been in Palestine last year for searching connection with Iran and producing a TV show on Palestinian Islam and Christianity either as you are a Christian Catholic very respectful towards Muslim people, could you please tell us more about your project?

I’m Christian Catholic, and I was eager to visit the holy place where Jesus was born. Meanwhile, I wanted to check more news about the situation between Palestine and Israel and the war in Syria involving Iran, especially now since I’m in Iran. I could taste all the Anglo-Zionists lies, so I decided to research more about everything, I mean, regarding the things that I used to believe were true, like the facts that the Anglo Zionists two centuries ago created the lies of the dinosaurs – that in reality never existed – as well as other fantasy stories; about the planets, galaxies and so on, all in order to negate [the Book of] Genesis… and hide the real shape of the earth, restricting the borders of the lands, as the map released by them is fake. 

Indeed I have a friend working in Rome at the Fiumicino Airport as a flight controller in a radar tower, and he told me all planes fly from both the Northern and the Southern hemispheres, taking an elliptical course. For example, from the Tokyo Narita Airport to reach the Los Angeles International Airport, planes don’t go across the Pacific Ocean, thus trimming the course and appearing from the other side of the globe. Rather, they fly from coast to coast, passing Korea, Russia, the Artic, Alaska, Canada and the United States of America, and then landing at Los Angeles Airport. So why is that if the earth is a globe? What is clear is just that the earth is much larger than what we think. Most likely there are other lands they don’t want us to go to surely for them to keep all for themselves. If you check on Google will see the Jewish family named Rothschild has an island in Antarctica named Rothschild Island. Who knows what they have in Antarctica but you should search for the interview of Admiral Baird. He talks about a large land rich with all kinds of things. Strangely after this discovery, the Anglo-Zionists created NASA, and before reaching the Moon LOL—one year before—the Jewish director Stanley Kubrick made the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. 

The same [flight controller] friend of mine I mentioned before added that the military jets fly at 20 km, the civil air line intercontinental flights fly at 15 km, and the domestic flights fly at 10 km, but the altitude record of about 37 km was achieved by a Russian military jet. It is not possible go higher than this height because the cold will freeze the engine and the vehicle, too. Even the Russians were the first to go in the magnetosphere (eventually called space) and they said there was nothing; no stars—everything was dark. My friend also said the Space Shuttle project was stopped in 2005 and they never organized any tourist travel in the space on account of the magnetosphere. There are other problems starting with the lack of air. Without air it is not possible to turn. There is light, including the rays that would burn a person like a grilled chicken, in the Van Allen Radiation Belt, so are the Americans kidding to claim they went to the Moon LOL? 

All of this information about these doubts are credible as the Anglo-Zionists are the same liars about Iran saying every day in their corrupt media many lies about Iran, and whoever says lies is a liar forever. So I went to Palestine to investigate further and I interviewed some people, including a journalist in the Watania News Agency, the official TV broadcasting news of Palestine, and this guy told me something really sad. He said that Israel doesn’t just want to get all of Palestine, they also want to get the entire area, including Africa, west Atlantic Ocean passing for the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf and that makes sense given the recent wars in this zone. 

He said these Jews aren’t Semitic; they are just from Ashkenazic origins. In ancient times they used to live in the eastern part of the Khazar territories (later, the same territories were part of the Russian Empire). Afterwards, they moved to the Middle East and Africa, Egypt and Palestine, reaching the rest of the East. In 1934, Stalin created the Hebraists region Oblast with the capital of Birobidzhan, instead around the 16th century AC the Jews got the UK, just kicking out the Catholics and in recent centuries, they got all of the West and now they have the rest of the world. Basically they are located in all states along with their Zionist mafia. 

So hearing his words about that, I was just shocked. He also said they claim all the countries in their hands as a real, lasting empire nowadays. They were capable of destroying all the empires including the Egyptian, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Ottoman, Russian, Chinese and Serbian, all for the globalization imperial project domain named UN. He said to pay attention about the British royal family surname as they changed during the 20th century cause World War indeed. It was a German surname, Wettin, afterwards it was changed to Windsor. Although all the monarchies in several countries were removed, but strangely up to now, television promotes most of the royal British family like Hollywood stars imposing upon us to be devotees of them. Indeed Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Anglican church, a religion part of Hebraism, and chief of state of several nations – states, including the Commonwealth, some of them really big like Canada and Australia. Actually there are many other laws in favor of the Jews. One risks going to prison even for having a different idea about their story, so isn’t that a dictatorship? 

Then I asked about the future for his land and the other nearby countries, including Iran, but he told me that a war will happen; it is booked on their agenda as they want the entire region, and they definitely want destroy Islam and Catholicism to make their religion the only one worldwide. That’s why in 1948 they created the puppet state of Israel, not caring about the genocide they did killing and deporting from their concentration camps all the Palestinian citizens who did not acquiesce to their invasion.

Q: How well are you acquainted with Iranian cinema? Do you know any Iranian filmmakers?

Sometimes, it happens that I hear some Iranian directors telling me how difficult it is working in Iran because everything gets censored like sex scenes or gory scenes. A photographer even told me last time that he couldn’t work because he couldn’t upload wedding photos of two couples kissing each other on his website. Then I told him to put a screenshot of the couple walking hand in hand, and I suggested to the director that he produce some films without gore and sex; in this way, everything could be fine. 

Anyway in Iran, a better way to work is to properly approach a company that works with the government. In this way, they will deliver the movie easily either by cinema, TV, streaming and direct to video. Iranian people must understand everything is possible in finding a good way to make a film attractive without the need for American democratic filth, which surely does not respect the dignity of human beings.

I haven’t had any problems shooting movies in Iran as I’m respectful person. I think each country is beautiful because the differences in culture. In this way it can be possible to learn from each other, but if we start to prejudge a country from outside, we will do no good, unless we are supporters of globalization. But since I’m not a fan of globalization, well... just use your imagination.

Q: You collaborated in numerous Hollywood productions such as “Fast & Furious” and “Mission Impossible”. Working in Hollywood still has appeal for many cineastes around the world. Has it lost its attractiveness in your mind?

I want to share the reality of life in Hollywood, which is not what you would think; that it is like a paradise where all the people get rich, live well, are always happy, beautiful, enjoying parties and work a lot, oh no.

I’m really sorry about my answer but things are really different from what you always thought. Hollywood producers (most of them are Jewish how come?) say, “Never produce a movie with your money.” This means usually they pay the actors next to nothing or often they don’t pay but just trade favors for getting visibility with advertising and they do this even with producers—such as computer companies—receiving merchandise from them free of charge. The same is true for hotels, airlines, clothing, jewels, cars, political courtesies, jobs, etc., like Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming the governor of California. One of my friends is a popular DJ and he appeared in the videogame “Grand Theft Auto” developed by Rockstar Games. Nobody paid him. In 2014 the owner of this game company bought a Catholic church in Scotland and in 2017 sold to a Dutch Jew for making a museum of art; as usual, the plan to reduce our churches and destroy our beliefs. So the only money the Hollywood majors give is to some friends of theirs like the main actors, directors, writers, producers and associated friends, and many others as the mafia does money laundering with these movies.

Moreover, there is the delivery of drugs. Most of the actors are drug addicts, and during their lives have problems with rapes or beatings or killings. Some of them wind up with a bad ending at a party. It has happened so many times; it is no exaggeration that really, one must understand their lives are of no value. Gays, pedophiles, trans persons and trading partners makes Hollywood people the worst trash ever. My suggestion is never work with them; instead try to work in some country where this contamination has not spread like that, or try to make something independently. 

Unfortunately these Hollywood people are presented like stars and idols on television too, so they teach everyone in the world how it is right to become like them, while this is something bad because they contribute to the destruction of the entire population of the world by promoting free drugs, gay relations, trading partners, sex with trans, and adopting kids like it is a normal thing to have gay parents. And they tell the kids to feel free to change their sex from male to female and vice versa. 

When it happens that some popular Hollywood actor goes against the system, this person won’t work anymore or gets killed with the usual excuse of suicide by drug or accident, because this person was disturbing the imperial globalization of the political system. Also when Hollywood stars don’t bother the system but merely want change their contracts or to finish their careers, they cannot because the majors forbid them to leave their work by using blackmail as a monetary penalty. In the end homicide will occur. 

In the musical entertainment field, because all of these contracts are covered by the insurance so all producers are covered, if you check the list of singers you will notice all of them who were connected to Sony Universal America strangely died in the years after the economy crisis began. Michael Jackson died in 2009 from a drug overdose and collateral effects. Amy Winehouse died of a drug overdose in 2011. Whitney Huston died of a drug overdose in the bath in 2012 and her daughter Bobbi died in 2015 in the bath from an overdose like her mother. Prince died of a drug overdose in 2016. George Michael died like Jackson of collateral effects in 2016. Dolores O’Riordan died of drug overdose in 2018 inside the bath like Whitney Huston. Keith Charles Flint died of a drug overdose in 2019. Chris Cornell died in 2019. Chester Bennington apparently killed himself in 2019 but their family members claim he was using drugs as he was an addict.

Moreover, actors like Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Paul Walker, Peter Seymour Hoffman, Luke Perry, Carrie Fisher and Lisa Sheridan all died. Everything is a coincidence? It is a coincidence all of these companies belong to Jewish people? All Hollywood is in the hands of the Jewish families, is that a coincidence? Universal, Dimension, Paramount, Miramax (Bob Weinstein), Touchstone Pictures (Ron Howard), Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Sony America, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, DreamWorks (Steven Spielberg), Columbia and there are so many more.

Their movies deliver a lot of propaganda but at the same time they shape public opinion about any upcoming war, for example in the movie named “No Escape” (1994). The war between Libya and America started in 2011. So how come Columbia-Sony know 17 years beforehand about the war in Libya and the fallen republic? 

In the movie named “Armageddon” (1998) in the beginning scene asteroids strike New York just a taxi driver says “Saddam is attacking us”, so how come 3 years before the 11 September and 5 years before the second war in Iraq, Touchstone Pictures production knew everything? Touchstone Picture made “The Da Vinci Code” against the Vatican. In “Rules of Engagement” (1999), the story begins with the war in Yemen, so how come Paramount knew 5 years before the start of the Yemen war? 

The 2014 “RoboCop” remake shows Tehran devastated like Iraq or Afghanistan in a war with Jihadists and suicide bombers. The film also shows Iranian mothers using their children in suicide attacks. The first thing I did it was to show my friends the video I shot in Iran with my cell phone to say look, this is the real Iran and Iranians aren’t like what is portrayed in the movie. Who knows when, but as the Palestinian journalist of Watania said the Anglo Zionists are preparing a war against Iran soon or later. They did the same with “Rocky 4”, released in 1986 when Sylvester Stallone as the boxer Rocky Balboa beats Drago, the Soviet Russian boxer. The president of the Soviet Union [in the movie], who really looks similar to Mikhail Gorbachev, stands up and cheers for the American. Indeed, five years later the Soviet Union collapsed. 

Also these companies shoot films against Islam and Catholics. Basically according to them, all Muslims are terrorists and all Christian priests are pedophiles. But this is strange because in the Talmud, the book of Jewish law, it was the Jews that created and used stoning or lapidation. During the rite of circumcision a rabbi, a leading Jewish scholar, did a pedophile act to remove the blood. Nowadays this rite still is practiced and in the United States many cases of virus have come from the lips of a rabbi who infected the child and some kids have died. 

So why doesn’t the TV news talk about that? Isn’t it a fact regarding the act of a pedophile? Maybe because they are Jewish it is not possible talk about this? Zionists, who have killed people for centuries by making wars around the world and till now are still killing people, aren’t terrorists either? There is a day for the remembrance of [deceased] Jews but there isn’t any day for the others, like the Native Peoples of America who have almost become extinct. Thanks to the Anglo-Zionists who for more than two centuries during the colonization of the USA killed many Native Americans, even kicking the belly of pregnant women to save bullets, just so in the end they could make a party for giving thanks and eating a Turkey?

So why don’t the television channels say this? How come in my country on the square of the Italian parliament, in front of the door, is a painted Menorah, there since 1998 when they remade our square? Would Israel allow Christians to put a cross in front of the door of their parliament? They produce movies against Catholics and Muslims with horror, terrorism and adult content but it’s so strange that there aren’t any movies with horror, terrorism and adult content about Judaism?

In the West, when some corrupted journalist talks bad about Iran, or the Christian Catholic, there is no problem. But when somebody talks bad about Israel or Judaism, they are immediately censured or fined or arrested or blocked. Is this fair? The corrupt media say in Iran, information is not free because the government controls most of the media. So why is it that in Italy, there are several Jewish families who own the media and the mainstream of newspapers as well. Indeed one of these Jewish families control five national journals that of course speak badly about Iran and positively about globalization. Perhaps a single person controlling media is much more dangerous than a government anyway. Writer Voltaire had said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” 

I recommend watching these films to understand the reality about globalization of imperialism. “They Live” (1988), “Lord of War” (2005), “Blood Diamonds” (2006) and “The International” (2009) You will understand how everybody is in on the deal and are playing every role, like Russia and the ex-republics that will enter the United States of Europe. Indeed right now for the European citizens it is possible to go to Kazakhstan without any passport just using only the ID card. Strangely, all Israeli citizens can enter Russia without any visa, is that normal? 

Jews come from Khazaria, an ancient territory located near the actual Kazakhstan (later a territory of the Russian Empire) as the Palestinian journalist of Watania said, and they migrated until reaching the Middle East and Africa. They created communism to overthrow the Czar of the Russian Empire, then afterwards they created the Soviet Union. Indeed, Lenin was Jewish. After that, they destroyed it and created capitalist Russia. They did the same with China and in Europe, during the world wars. 

These Askenazi Jews (from Khazaria origins) are the owners of the world. That’s why are called Anglo Zionists. They hate Catholics and Muslims and all minority religions, as they want to make all of them combined into one, recognizing their religion as the only one. Once they destroy Islam and Christianity, the game will be over; Aryan-Caucasian people will cease to exist. Only Afro-Euro-Asian people will exist for Black supremacy, but with no identity, and same black skin color as a uniform for a fully obedient slave. That’s the New World Order. India is like that so you’d better pay attention for [the sake of] your Iran.

Q: How will you adapt yourself to working in Iranian cinema, which is totally different from what is happening in Hollywood?

Well in the Iranian film market, we can find several genres of films like action, drama, comedy, adventure, documentary, fantasy with special effects and animation. For example: The movie “Bodyguard” was very similar to our Italian movie named “La Scorta” (1993). Of course there isn’t horror, thriller, adult and so on. But I think that’s good, basically any other country across the world should stop producing this garbage full of violence and sadism. 

I’m not saying this because the Tehran Times is interviewing me, I had declared this last year during an interview in Italy. So I want to make clear one important thing: I worked in the past making horror films, eros action films in Japan. As a Western citizen I grew up with this American stuff. So in the end, it was inevitable that I liked these films, but I cannot be a liar and say everything is okay, that these movies are good. Like rap music inciting hate and full of bad language, of course not, these movies are un-healthy, disturbing, and really sadistically violent. Garbage should get censored; something terrible like that shouldn’t be screened because people will learn violence, get a taste of free sex, or sadisms and many other dirty things like prostitution, decreasing the dignity of the human being. All of these things are imperialistic weapons for destroying family relations, showing how good it is to be single, trading partners, being gay, and becoming a prostitute to make easy money faster, and showing a secure woman who can play with men, having all the men she wants and never having to marry because she can sell her body. Honestly, I think this tends to view the woman as an object rather than respect her dignity as human being. All in all, this is just to avoid further increase of the human population, as we are rapidly approaching a population of eight billion. 

So as a producer, I must tell the truth. In fact, I want to say that is possible to shoot a good movie without violent stuff. Then films in action, fantasy, adventure and so on could be easily delivered; no problem if the plot, screenplay, direction, production and post[-production] are good. And Iran is full of wonderful locations waiting only for some beautiful movie. As for myself, I can shoot all I want with no restriction because I know how, given that I’m not indoctrinated by Anglo-fashioned fake democracy. Indeed, I avoid distasteful movies.

Q: You have also worked as a videogame producer in “Bomberman”, “AdventureQuest”, “Bloodstained” and “King of Avalon”. Do you have any plans to collaborate with Iranian game developers?

I already developed Super Mario, approved by Iran’s Entertainment Software Rating Association (ESRA) and playable on PS3, and I gave some as gifts to some of my fans during a game festival in Europe while I was on stage talking about Iran’s production of videogames and movies with Iranian talent in the CGI and PAL systems used by Iran for making Western-compatible products. Also there’s a good chance to buy original software like Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, 3D MAX and so on for next to nothing. Some of these American companies would claim piracy but they are the real pirates for selling this software at the same price of an expensive laptop, while billions of clients are making them rich and doing them a favor by buying their products for a game - movie production, and even advertising them. 

As I am a fan of retro games, and liking a lot Arcade videogames, I will be developing my next game on a 2D platform like Metroid in a futuristic Iran. Honestly, making these games is much more practical than a 3D game because in the latter case, the pre-production and post is pretty hard and full of elements to be created and inserted, which takes some years, while a good quality 2D game easily is possible to do in 1 year and the result is very enjoyable. 

Basically in a game saloon, the arcade cabinet was an old slot machine playable using a coin. Actually in Iran, there are some of these machines in the Kourosh Shopping Center on the top of floor of the amusement park and on Kish Island, too.

Q: Iranian film productions in visual effects are growing faster, so what’s your idea regarding the foreigner investors? Do you think any chance to produce in Iran movies in computer graphic would be the next frontier?

Of course yes, Iran is modern country for modern investors. All the time, I see colleagues going to Western countries like the UK, USA, Canada, France and Germany but making nothing because of the economic crisis, higher taxation and too many competitors. Instead, they could relocate to Iran and keep working there, open a company, invest, and produce films, games and TV formats. 

Iranian film producers do a lot with visual effects and CG in live action movies; the realism is amazing, and there are good artists in special effects. VFX (visual effects) are in computer graphics while the SFX (special effects) are in live, like an explosion, scenography, costumes, masks, weapons, and animatronics: the robots controlled by remote RC by a techno director in the same way that they use drones for video in the air and on the ground. Actually many TV studios are replacing cameraman by using ground drones controlled by a techno director in front of a workstation. 

Iranian visual effects franchise is certainly the next frontier for getting successful, high quality film productions. I’m really well satisfied working Iranian products.

Q: Is there anything else in conclusion that you would like to say?

When I watch fake news on TV about INSTEX, saying the Iranian people are poor like Afghans, Iraqis or Pakistanis in need of humanitarian aid for goods like food, drink, clothing, medicines, or equipment, I just laugh a lot because first of all Iranians are richer than most in the Western countries; [they have] no need for food, and certainly no need for clothing, and they don’t need any medical equipment.

"One of my friends works at Sepah bank, and one time he brought me to his hospital showing me the modern equipment they use frequently and that their manufacturers sell abroad, too". So maybe the Western countries are in need of medical equipment from Iran considering nowadays the Western economy is collapsing, I wonder who will send us humanitarian aid? I guess the Western governments will have to stop being disrespectful towards Iranians and pay Iran in advance for the oil and gas they want, by giving gold bars to Iran, and once they have paid for it in full, only then will they be allowed to transport the oil in their Western ships.

Muammar Gaddafi, the Muslim leader of Libya didn’t care about the embargo of the Anglo-Zionists because he used to get paid in advance by gold bars, that’s why in 2011 when the Anglo-Zionists destroyed Libya they stole all the gold of Libya: €220 billion in gold bars. 

Why hasn’t someone said Sarkozy is Jewish and he betrayed Muslim leaders like Gaddafi after being paid by him to do business with France? Isn’t Iran risking the same [fate] after doing business with the West? Why do rumors always spread lies like Iran has no products? Or perhaps because, like Libya, Iran is rich and this is just an excuse to steal their resources? What! They want to get more? 

In fact, Iran has many products made by Iranian companies like the car called Tiba. Moreover, Iranian pharmaceutical companies produce medicines. And in architecture everyday they build many facilities: houses, malls, cinemas, schools etc. So why would Iran have a need for humanitarian aid? For what? Really this story is getting ridiculous… specifically towards a strong country like Iran with a powerful military as we could see recently in the Hormozgan Sea, where the Sepah Navy Special Force intercepted a British oil tanker. The green beret marine raiders are always deployed to the front lines, ready to defend Iran, and to prevent any attacks from outside. This elite force of the Iranian navy is specialized in parachuting, diving, martial arts, CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and explosives and weapons. Only the ten percent of the Iranian soldiers are successful in becoming a member of the Sepah Navy Special Force. Comparing them with [U.S.] Navy Seals, certainly there is no chance for the Americans—mostly drunks or drug addicts—the Iranians SNSF are much more professional and better educated to fight as they don’t drink, and they do their duty with honor to protect their nation Iran at any cost. 

Another interesting thing about Iran is their government is respectful towards its soldiers who have fallen in action. Indeed around the cities are pictures of Iranian soldiers, missing in action as a result of defending their land, on the walls of buildings, but in the West, no. Why shouldn’t our European regime government be grateful towards our soldiers? But no, instead, they prefer to display commercial advertising in the building, since doing business is always good under any circumstances. By contrast in the West, it is impossible to admire the graffiti on the dirty walls made by vandals (or, excuse me, artists) using spray paint, making anything they touch dirty by writing bad words in the same style as American rap gangs, but that’s democracy. 

Also good in Iran is the possibility of entry into the army permanently, making it a career after the first 2 years, but in the West no, not anymore. Until 2000 it was like Iran but after that everything got privatized. Even the army now is part time, so our soldiers risk their lives but can’t have a career later… I don’t think is normal. 20 years ago, I was a tenant in the Italian Army in a specialized unit of the special mountaineer corps named Alpines, an elite army that is called even for national calamities like earthquakes, tsunamis and raising funds for helping people to buy new homes.  Unfortunately now the European regime is reducing this corps, which is approaching its end as many commands and troops are deactivated. 

I really like it that in Iran women and men stay together; there is no confusion and the word “gay” doesn’t exist. But in the West, no; of course, if men stay with women, this is not a good thing, rather, it is a racist thing, so the European regime extensively promotes how good it is being gay, lesbian and trans. Recently a disgusting advertisement about condoms showing women making love: of course, they are mixed races because, simultaneously, they must promote the beauty of being globalized and destroying all the races, thus making everybody Afro, and if any European citizen would say something against that, they just get labeled as racist, xenophobic, homophobic and so on. So when I want to find the real democracy, I prefer to stay in Iran where it is still possible to live according the proper values of the family. Inshallah!


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