By Sondoss Al Asaad

Ramping up the Pressure won't Weaken Hezbollah

August 24, 2019 - 12:5

BEIRUT - The Lebanese resistance of Hezbollah has evolved significantly from a resistance movement in the early 80s into a major political and military force, with highly advanced capabilities and worldwide presence. It has also created its own charitable, educational, social, economic, touristic, media and agricultural institutions. As a result, Hezbollah today wields significant influence across the Lebanese community. Recently, some have reiterated that the resistance would soon collapse due to the U.S. punitive measures. However, this assumption is far-fetched beyond reality and the measures will not suffice much longer for various reasons.

Let's first remark that Hezbollah represents the multicultural fabric of the Lebanese people, who repeatedly stress their rejection to Western aggression. The strategy of sanctions will not succeed in the face of the strong will of Lebanese people, who have over and over again managed to thwart Washington and Tel Aviv's schemes. Eventually, Hezbollah will emerge victorious over these malicious sanctions for it is a legitimate resistance that owes national duty to defend and safeguard Lebanon's rights and interests. Indeed, the sanctions have been imposed against the resistance due to its courageous and firm stances in the face of the Zionist and imperialist conspiracies.
Since its emergence, Hezbollah's self fundraising is intended to guarantee the movement's future independence and to ensure it would function on its own.

Undeniably, Iran and Syria are not only believed to fund Hezbollah, supply it with heavy arms and provide training and logistical support to its military units, but there is major cooperation at various levels. The resistance also receives significant financial support from supporters living abroad, particularly from Lebanese wealthy nationals.

The resistance receives also funds from diversified charities that are not directly tied to Hezbollah, Lebanese and non-Lebanese, Islamic, Christian and secular supporters, out of national and ideological affinity.

Besides, Hezbollah relies on fellow sympathisers and members of local expatriate communities to run health, social, agricultural, industrial and educational institutions, which provide needy citizens with health care, utilities, and construction services. Lebanon's President Michal Aoun, the first president to openly align himself with Hezbollah, argues that Hezbollah's weapon will no longer be a problem when the causes behind its existence disappear. In February 2006, Hezbollah and the (Christian) Free Patriotic Movement, formerly led by Aoun, signed a memorandum of understanding, forming a political alliance.

The vast majority of Lebanese people show utmost readiness to serve their resistance, to preserve its achievements and to be a resounding voice in the defence of its cause to the fullest, in face of regional and international conspiracies. They are fully aware that the Saudis are ready to pay billions of dollars to incite their U.S. and Zionist allies to wage war against their hometown. Unfortunately, they would not remain silent about the failure of their scheme in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, but would work hard to provoke regional sensitivities.

Therefore, the sanctions would never compensate for their failure in military confrontations. Such a measure is nothing but an idiot psychological war, which definitely fail to tarnish the resistance's image. The U.S. sanctions would fail to change the policy of the Lebanese government towards this part and parcel of the national fabric, which has governmental and parliamentary representatives, elected by the Lebanese people in a fair election monitored by international bodies.

As expressed by Hezbollah's leaders and officials, the sanctions are a medal of honour on the chest of the resistance's people who have all resisted the occupation and forced the Zionists to withdraw unconditionally from southern Lebanon, in 2000, and did so also in 2006. Despite all the challenges, Hezbollah still has solid support in Lebanon. The U.S. sanctions have no value because of the people's keen interest in undermining colonial goals and commitment to resist the illegitimate Zionist entity and its Takfiri terrorist offspring. 

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