Cuba calls on the international community to prevent U.S. actions: Alexis Bandrich

September 7, 2019 - 10:55

Ambassador of Cuba Mr. Alexis Bandrich Vega in the Anti-Imperialist Tribune convened by the Venezuelan Embassy in Iran, Within the framework of the No More Trump Campaign, called on the international community to prevent U.S actions against the integrity of peoples and stop the hostility, folly, and irresponsibility of the current U.S. administration. The following is the full text of his remarks:

U.S. policy towards Cuba has led to the resurgence of the blockade, to the full application of the Helms Burton Act, to the closing of the Consulate in Havana, to the prohibition of travel and exchanges between Cubans and Americans, to the sabotage of Cuban international cooperation, to the siege of our commercial and financial operations, illegal activities of surveillance and persecution of tankers, and threats to shipping companies, insurance companies, and governments to prevent the arrival of fuel to the Island. It is a genocidal plan to starve our people, provoke destabilization and regime change.

After 60 years, the blockade has caused us losses of 922 thousand 630 million dollars, being the main obstacle to the development of the Cuban economy and a violation of the human rights of our people. Qualifies as an act of genocide, violates the UN Charter and International Law. The idea of destroying Cuba has led and leads to US policy. down a tortuous road, full of lies, mistakes, and failures. They have no choice but to lie. The lie is the fundamental resource of US foreign policy. Bolton is a pathological liar. He cannot hide his obsession with Cuba and Venezuela, even if it contravenes the politics of the Pdte. Trump, prevents foreign policy successes in the face of internal problems and threatens his re-election.

Pompeo is ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution. Constantly lies, with cynicism and demagogy about Cuba. He has come to propose to negotiate a reconciliation in exchange for us abandoning the course chosen by our people, for us to betray friends and deny 60 years of dignity. No threat will make us change. The submission of the US Department of State to the Bolton - Miami anti-Cuban mafia connection damages its politics and tradition. Nor will it help Pompeo in its aspirations to the Senate or the US Presidency.

Cuba will know how to maintain and expand ties with millions of people from the most diverse sectors and regions in the US, who believe in a respectful and constructive relationship between the two countries and favor the end of the blockade on the Island. Cuba has not renounced its willingness to build a civilized relationship with the United States, provided that our deep differences are respected. Any proposal that, apart from respect for peers, does not interest us.

USA It tries to sabotage Cuban medical cooperation, of recognized international prestige, an example of solidarity and humanity. He has allocated USD 3 million to persecute Cuba for helping to save lives in the world. Fallacies, lies, villainy and imperial arrogance that do not understand human values. Cuba is distinguished by cooperation with other peoples. Cuba does not give what is left over but shares what little it has. Today 33 thousand Cuban professionals work in 85 countries, in health, education, sports, and construction.
Cuba maintains a policy of zero tolerance to Trafficking in Persons and exemplary performance against this scourge, given its social achievements, citizen security, and equal opportunities.

USA It increasingly threatens international stability with acts against peace and security, economic imbalances, unilateral coercive measures, climate change, interference in the internal affairs of other States, racist and discriminatory migration policy. They alarm the exorbitant amounts invested every year in the war industry and the modernization of nuclear arsenals, instead of promoting peace, combating hunger and poverty, implementing the 2030 Agenda and the Millennium Development Goals.

USA It promotes war and death. They have more than 250 thousand soldiers, in 800 bases, in more than 177 countries. Cuba promotes life and health in 56 years of medical cooperation. More than 400 thousand Cuban collaborators have worked in more than 164 countries. The counteroffensive of Yankee imperialism and the oligarchy, together with the hawks that have appropriated their foreign policy towards Latin America and the Caribbean, threaten our geographical space declared as a Zone of Peace.

The international community is challenged to face the aggressive and arrogant conduct of the United States, the arbitrary imposition of unilateral coercive measures and punitive tariffs on sovereign states, their disrespect for International Law and the Charter of the United Nations. Venezuela is surrounded, robbed and assaulted with the approval or the complicit silence of powerful nations, and what is worse, with the shameful complicity of Latin American governments, shaping the most dramatic scene of the cruelty of the empire's policies.

Cuba strongly rejects the brutal cruelty of the US government against the Venezuelan people. As Fidel said: “We will continue to defend the ideas for which we have fought for a lifetime, together with the poor, the sick without doctors or medicines, (...) the hungry, the oppressed and the exploited of the entire Earth that constitutes the vast majority of Humanity We were born in a free country that our parents bequeathed us, and first the Island will sink into the sea before we consent to be slaves of anyone. "

Cuba calls on the international community to prevent US actions against the integrity of our peoples and stop the hostility, folly, and irresponsibility of the current US administration. Cuba has ratified its inescapable commitment to multilateralism and efforts to move towards a democratic, fair and equitable international order that responds to the demand for peace and sustainable development of all peoples. Peace with respect, a peace with rights, a peace with independence and peace with security for all the peoples of the world, that is the peace for which we all must fight!

Thank you.


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