By Martin Love

Absolution from crimes by deflection and deceit is never successful

September 20, 2019 - 22:34

NORTH CAROLINA - Vladimir Putin appears far and away smarter than any major Western “leader”, especially Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. Ansarullah appears to have attacked the Abqaiq oil processing plant in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia with drones or something, or claims it did. Maybe they fired off missiles of some sort that had adopted Iranian technology. It’s a mystery, but whatever and whoever hit the plant, and it wasn’t the homemade firecracker rockets that fly out of the Gaza Strip to land in some farm field around Sederot inside “Israel”, whatever this “country” without defined borders really is geographically (it’s never been reliably determined).

What hit the Saudi oil installations was well aimed or it aimed itself well and proved powerful enough to shut down half of Saudi oil production for a couple weeks more at least. And Putin masterfully and even tongue-in-cheek trolled the Saudis, offering to sell them the S-300 or S-400 missile defense systems. Priceless!

The Saudi regime is hopeless and helpless. After spending many billions of dollars on military equipment over years, and with virtually no “defense” against whatever it was exactly that bombed Abqaiq and Khurais, and with alleged military cover by the U.S., the Saudis nonetheless may still as well be driving mangy camels and not Ferraris, Lamborghini’s or F-16s in the Eastern Province. Same goes for the UAE.

So far, Trump’s response has been vague and has allowed others at least to blame Iran for the attacks, claiming the drones or whatever originated from somewhere in Iran, or maybe it was Iraq. Hell, maybe they flew from an Iranian missile base on the moon?

The truth is Trump and Pompeo and all the rest don’t have a clue, and it is even quite possible – as claimed Robert J. Moriarty, arguably the best U.S. Navy/Marine fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and since the war an aviation record maker and holder – that the Israelis attacked Abqaiq and Khurais in an effort to spur the U.S. to gallop to the side of the Saudis and as the Zionists equally desire, attack Iran. Neither the Saudis nor the Zionists can fight anybody without gobs of U.S. assistance, and never really have.

False flags are nothing to the Zionists and they are good at creating them: the most notable being the attack in June 1967 on the U.S. Navy frigate “Liberty” in the Mediterranean cruising west of Gaza and north of Sinai during the Six Day War To this day the Navy veterans who are still alive and who served on the Liberty are treated like lepers by the U.S. Veterans Administration – such is the unholy grip the Jews have about the public ever being properly informed that the bombing and strafing of the Liberty was a premeditated Israeli attack in which dozens of sailors died. Those fine veterans know too much, it seems, just like Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame who is now officially a Western political prisoner, not a criminal, at Belmarsh dungeon in London, and he may actually be dying.

Let’s face it: the Saudis are inept and the Israelis, stripped of their high-tech war tech (and nukes as threats), are only good for, for example, shooting and killing elderly Palestinian women (or children in Gaza) as they did this week at Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem: the hapless woman, 50, apparently   entered the wrong “lane” in the incredible, cruel maze of the checkpoint and was summarily murdered. The Zionist soldiers and police said she was wielding a knife, which as usual was a fabrication. She was 10 meters from anyone when she was gunned down and certainly no threat to anyone.

And it’s not as if any country is entirely free at least of some oppression of citizens, Iran included, just as no individual person is ever entirely cleansed of occasional bad actions. But the reiteration of assaults on Iran does not justify in any proportional way even a tiny fraction of the much more severe and horrific postures and deeds of the U.S. and Israel and the Saudis. We see, for example, a raft of what has been called “Whataboutism” by Western apologists in the media, as if this absolves perps of obvious crimes.

Among the worst of Zionist apologists happens to be columnists Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss, both Zionists, at the New York Times. Whenever anyone questions them about Israeli apartheid crimes, they are inclined to say: “But ‘what about’ (for example) the way the Chinese treat the minority Muslim Uighers, or the way Modi in India is currently treating Muslims in Indian controlled parts of Kashmir?” Now we have the spectacle that a desperate Netanyahu may well be “out” as Israeli Prime Minister, this cat’s nine lives perhaps used up. No doubt he fears he’s finally going to be indicted for corruption, and may go to prison.

Absolution by way of deflection and deceit is absurd and can never be finally won. And the most remarkable aspect of such hypocrisy, hubris and exceptionalism is that almost the entire world is seeing through this very tiresome game and neither Washington nor Tel Aviv nor Riyadh (and some others) realize it enough yet to change course. But the day is somewhere ahead eventually when they will have to realize it. At any rate, this is part the reason why Trump has been unsuccessful in virtually all his foreign policy initiatives to date.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif seems of the same caliber, generally, as Putin, and has so far navigated the stresses that Iran has been subject to with class and even, like Putin, with some humor. Good thing he did not resign earlier this year, as he suggested he might.

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