Iran rejects European Parliament resolution on human rights as ‘biased’

September 23, 2019 - 20:10

TEHRAN – Tehran has rejected a human rights resolution by the European Parliament against Iran as “biased”, “unilateral” which is not in touch with reality.

“The European Parliament issues biased, unilateral, unrealistic and disappointing resolution against Iran when the United States violates rights of more than 80 million (Iranian) people through economic terrorism. An issue which has been ignored by representatives of the European Parliament,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said.

Mousavi said that the resolution shows that the European Parliament is not aware of current developments in Iran and has leveled accusations against the country based on “wrong” and “invalid” information.

“Respecting human rights is a legal and religious necessity for Iran in line with national interests and security. Iran has always made efforts in this respect and does not need biased and opportunist emphasis of others,” he stated.

He also condemned applying double standards in issues related to human rights.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on September 19 condemning Iran’s human rights record, claiming Tehran is suppressing women.

Back in May, the U.S. State Department accused Iran of a crackdown on women advocating human rights, according to Press TV.

Mousavi said given the United States’ records on human rights, Washington was in no place to point the finger at others.

He said Washington’s double-standards on the issue was best displayed with the State Department’s “disgraceful silence” on Saudi Arabia's mass execution of 37 Saudi citizens earlier this year.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman also blasted the U.S. and its allies for subjecting Iran to economic terrorism through imposing indiscriminate sanctions, a move that he said was the biggest possible violation of the economic and social rights of a nation.


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