It is for years that U.S. has taken UN ‘hostage’, Iran says

September 23, 2019 - 20:56

TEHRAN – Iranian government spokesman said on Monday that it is for long years that Washington has taken the United Nations as “hostage”.

The remarks by Ali Rabiei came after he was asked about the reasons why the United States delayed issuing visa for Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to participate at the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

“It is quite natural that they try to prevent us to speak less in the United States,” Rabiei told a regular news briefing.

He said the “delay” in issuing visa was “illegal” and they did not issue visa for many who were to accompany the Iranian delegation.

U.S. must lift sanctions and accept provisions of negotiations

On a tweet by CNN correspondent that Zarif has said meeting between Rouhani and his American counterpart Donald Trump is possible is all sanctions are lifted, Rabiei said, “The United States must lift sanctions and also return to the provisions of the negotiations. In that situation, we will adopt necessary decisions.”

The government spokesman also said there is no contradictions between remarks made by officials about the conditions set by Iran for dialogue with the U.S.

We develop ties with countries that ignore sanctions

The government spokesman also said Iran intends to develop ties with countries, such as China, which are standing beside Iran at the time of sanctions.

“With any country, including China, which at the time of sanctions is at our side, we intend to develop ties,” he said in reference to the 25-year strategic partnership between Iran and China.

He added, “We thank the countries that do not pay attention to the illegal sanctions shake their hands warmly.”

The government spokesman also said Iran has established good ties with Russia and have removed dollar in their bilateral transactions.

“We give oil and also export other commodities, and also do not use the dollar.”


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