By Samaneh Aboutalebi

“The Urban Art” begins to build bridge between Iran, Italy

September 27, 2019 - 17:34

TEHRAN – The Embassy of Italy in Tehran has launched a project named “The Urban Art Unites” whose aim is to enhance cultural relations between Rome and Tehran.

Artists from Iran and Italy are scheduled to create huge paintings to be affixed to the exterior wall of the Italian ambassador’s residence.

The first stage of the project, which will be carried out within a year by September 2020, was implemented Thursday evening with the unveiling of two paintings by Mehdi Qadyanlu from Iran and Paolo Bordino, also Known as PAO, from Italy during a special ceremony attended by a number of Iranian and Italian cultural officials, artists and diplomats.

The paintings will be on view for two months and then will be replaced by two new artworks by two other artists.

In his brief speech, Qadyanlu called the art project a great opportunity to build a bridge between Iran and Italy. 

For his part, PAO said that coming to Iran and doing an artwork here was “an adventure” for him. 

“My family and I were worried about coming to Iran but arriving here, I found people very kind and hospitable. The country is also very similar to Italy and working with an Iranian artist was an honor for me,” he added.

“The Urban Art Unites” intends to support creative bilateral artistic exchange between Italy and Iran and also to raise social awareness of the importance of beautification in urban spaces.

Speaking to the Tehran Times, Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone stressed the point that art can unite Iran and Italy despite the differences between the two nations.

“About three months ago when I arrived in Tehran, I was impressed by the murals featuring different concepts and in various styles across the city. I appreciate the efforts made by city authorities and artists to beautify their city,” he added. 

He also expressed his satisfaction over the works created by Qadyanlu and PAO, and said: “Although the artists are completely different in their styles, there is something in the paintings that connects them to each other, and now all the people can praise the artists and enjoy their works.”

Perrone also announced the embassy’s plan to organize an exhibition of sculptures by the Italy-based Iranian artist Bijan Basiri in early October in Tehran.

“We are working in the area of cinema as well, because this is a point of strength for both Italy and Iran. We are organizing some film review sessions and programs not only in Tehran but also in other Iranian cities in the near future,” he concluded.

Photo: Iranian artist Mehdi Qadyanlu (L), Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Perrone (C) and his fellow Italian painter Paolo Bordino pose with the paintings decorating the wall of the ambassador’s residence in Tehran as part of “The Urban Art Unites” on September 26, 2019. (IRNA) 


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