IAF celebrates Iranian Illustration Week

November 1, 2019 - 18:19

TEHRAN – The Iranian Illustration Week opened at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran on Friday to display a collection of illustrations by Iranian artists.

The collection contains 400 works selected by the Iranian Illustrators Society, the forum announced.

“Rise of the Sun”, a book on the history of Iranian art and culture written by Mohammad Bahrami, the veteran artist who is mostly famous for his illustrations for the Shahnameh stories, was unveiled at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Many masters of graphic design and visual arts, including Morteza Momayyez, Aidin Aghdashlu, Mohammad Ehsai, Parviz Kalantari and Ali-Akbar Sadeqi, collaborated with Bahrami at the atelier that he established in Tehran in 1946.

The exhibition has dedicated a section entitled “We Are Illustrators” to displaying works by members of the Iranian Illustrators Society.

In addition, a selection of works by illustrators Karim Nasr, Ali-Akbar Sadeqi and Maryam Mahmudi, who were honored with the Aban Awards for their lifetime achievements last year, are on display.

The exhibition will run until November 12.

Photo: A poster for Iranian Illustration Week. 


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