Iran: U.S. human rights claims nothing but shameless hypocrisy

November 9, 2019 - 19:35

TEHRAN – The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry highlighted on Saturday a number of anti-human rights dossiers filed against Washington, adding that the White House’s claims in defending human rights can only be named as “shameless hypocrisy”.

Seyed Abbas Mousavi’s remarks came in reaction to his American counterpart Morgan Deann Ortagus, who had questioned Iran’s achievements demonstrated in a human rights exhibition organized by Tehran.

“Organizing a U.S. human rights exhibition will drastically be excellent. Downing a passenger plane, discrimination against the blacks, bombardments against civilians from Vietnam to Iraq and Yemen and providing full supports for the wildest and the most inhuman terrorist regimes in the region (should be displayed in the exhibition),” Mousavi wrote in his Twitter account. 

“This, as a real meaning for a single word, is shameless hypocrisy,” the spokesman reiterated in response to Ortagus’ remarks. 

Iran has inaugurated an exhibition at the venue of the United Nation’s headquarters in Geneva since November 4 to display the country’s achievements in human rights.
Ortagus had on Friday claimed that Iran is among the most notorious human rights violators worldwide.   


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