By Damir Nazarov

Zionists recognize the great potential of Palestinian Islamic Jihad

November 18, 2019 - 15:28

WEST SIBERIA/ TYUMEN - Zionists warn of a future war with "many enemies on different fronts." They attribute their concerns to Pro-Iranian forces in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Interestingly, in addition to the traditional fear of Hezbollah and organizations affiliated with the IRGC, the Zionists have increased attention to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

It is also a problem for Zionism that Palestinian Islamic Jihad is relatively "ungovernable" in terms of regional politics. That is, if in the case of an escalation between the occupiers and the Gaza Strip, Hamas will depend on Qatar on many issues (let's not forget that Qatar is an ally of Zionism), then in the case of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, such an analogy should not be expected, since the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in all matters relies on its long-time ally in the person of Iran. It is no secret that there is mutual hostility between Qatar and Palestinian Jihad. This fact was manifested in the recent conflict situation between the parties. When the Palestinian resistance criticized the Qatari statement about the act of resistance and the invitation by the Emirates of the Zionists to the athletics tournament.

Photo from a meeting with the leader of the Iraqi Islamic organization.

The high level of relations between the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Iran allowed the Palestinian organization to develop its diplomatic capabilities and acquire a number of allies from among the military and political organizations in the countries of the Axis of Resistance. We are talking about Palestinian organization Liwa al-Quds is based in Syria and the Iraqis from Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba.

Thanks to the IRGC's expanding influence, these organizations are not just brothers in ideology, but battle-hardened paramilitary groups with an established structure and political potential. Zionism feels it, so in the offices of Mossad and Aman are increasingly talking about the impending war with Syria, where the main enemy will not necessarily be the Syrian army.

The fact is that if we discard all the conventions and nuances. The picture will look like this: the IRGC has built a bridge not only between one of the leading Palestinian Islamic organizations and a couple of groups from Syria and Iraq, but also established a link between the front from Gaza to the Golan with the participation of Tehran's main allies in the region. There are excellent relations between the al-Quds brigade and Palestinian groups such as the al-Aqsa Martyrs ' Brigade, the Mujahideen brigade and others. It can be said that thanks to Ziad Nahale and his aides, the besieged Gaza strip, in addition to Lebanon, has gained a number of key allies in Syria and Iraq. Speaking of allies of the Palestinians? This should not be understood as separate groups, but a broad platform with a unified command and support of the Islamic Republic, I mean that Liwa al-Quds is one of the main groups among the many different militias of Syria created by the IRGC. Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba is, in fact, the meaning and face of Iraq's Hashad al-SHAABI. Given the nature of the structure of the Syrian militias and Hashad al-SHAABI, state-within-state, it can be assumed that the Palestinian Jihad has taken a big step towards uniting several fronts in future battles with Zionism. Special thanks to the IRGC, Hezbollah and Ziad Nahal.


On November 12, Zionism launched an airstrike against Islamic resistance positions in Gaza, killing Saraya al-Quds commander Baha Abu al-Atta and his wife. In parallel, the occupants raided Syria, the goal of the Zionists was the house of Akram al-Ajouri in Damascus. Killed his son Muat and Abdulla Yusuf Hassan. The cowardly murder of the leader of Saraya al-Quds and the simultaneous attack on the representative of the political Bureau in Damascus show how much Zionism is panicking and afraid of creating a United front from Gaza to the Golan. And, most importantly for the occupiers, Palestinian Islamic Jihad is already playing a huge role in the implementation of the project "from Gaza to the Golan", hence the pathetic attempts of the Zionists to prevent the formation of a new bridgehead with a single command.

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