University of Bologna to review Ahmad Dehqan’s books 

November 18, 2019 - 18:28

TEHRAN – Iranian writer Ahmad Dehqan’s books “A Vital Killing” and “Bearing 270 Degrees” will be reviewed in a session at the University of Bologna, Italy tomorrow.

An Italian translation of “Bearing 270 Degrees” (“Viaggio in direzione 270°”) by Michele Marelli was published in Italy by Mimesis and Jouvence in 2018.  

Simone Cristoforetti, a professor in the Department of Asian and North-African Studies at the Ca Foscari University of Venice who wrote a preface to the Italian edition, along with Dehqan and Marelli, will attend the session, Candle and Fog director Afshin Shahnetabar told the Persian service of FNA.

The session at the University of Bologna will be organized in collaboration with Candle and Fog, the London-based Iranian-British publishing house, which has published some of Dehqan’s books in English, including “A Vital Killing”.

“Bearing 270 Degrees” is about a young Iranian volunteer fighting on the war fronts during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. 

An English translation of “Bearing 270 Degrees” by U.S. translator Paul Sprachman was released in 2006.

“A Vital Killing” is a highly acclaimed collection of Iranian short war stories. 

Earlier in March, Dehghan, one of the few Iranian writers who fought in the Iran-Iraq war, said that he completed his new collection titled “War Celebration”.

“I have many ordinary ideas to write about, but I’ve been a war writer and will remain a war writer,” he said at that time.

Photo: This combination photo shows Iranian writer Ahmad Dehqan and the front cover of an Italian translation of “Bearing 270 Degrees” (“Viaggio in direzione 270°”) by Michele Marelli.  


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