Vice president: Implementation of the constitution is Iran’s top priority 

November 23, 2019 - 20:14

TEHRAN – La’aya Joneidi, the vice president for legal affairs, said on Saturday that the constitution is the joint covenant among the three branches of the government. 

La’aya Joneidi, who was addressing the 59th joint meeting of legal affairs coordination council, said, “Our covenant is the constitution, so whenever the country faces tensions the importance of the mentioned covenant will become more.” 

“Whenever implementation of the constitution is the main core of conversations, some people feel worried, some are opposing something and some others embark on criticizing, but in fact the issue should somehow make us worried. (We have to prepare ourselves) to respond to people inside and outside the country that ‘whether we have any other criterion’,” Joneidi further said. 

“I believe that the constitution is the most important covenant to manage the country. Even if there are differences over the constitution’s articles, the constitution itself remains as the principle,” the vice president emphasized.

“The president is head of the executive body, but according to article 113 of the constitution, the president, after the Leader, is responsible for implementation of the constitution,” Joneidi pointed out.   


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