Cutting-edge combat drone, destroyer delivered to Iran’s Navy 

December 7, 2019 - 19:29

TEHRAN - A combat reconnaissance tactical drone and a modern destroyer were delivered to the Navy in a ceremony in southeastern Iran on Saturday.

The ceremony was held in the Navy’s 3rd region of Nabovat in the port city of Konarak in Sistan- Baluchestan province on the coasts of the Oman Sea.  

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi and Rear Admiral Sayyari, who is currently deputy chief of the Army for coordination, attended the ceremony. 

The Iranian Navy’s new unveils were aimed at boosting the force’s defense power.

The Simorq unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a naval pattern of Shahed-129 drone which was previously operated by the airspace force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and is capable of staging combat operation against surface targets using smart precise-guided Sadid bombs.

Simorq is a domestically-manufactured and multi-purpose drone with high range flight capability. 

The drone can be utilized in surveillance and combat operations. 

Simorq can fly operationally as far as 1,500 km up to 24,000 feet altitude for a period of continued 24 hours. 

Simorq has been planned and manufactured by the Iranian experts and is considered as a new achievement for the defense industries. 

The Navy’s new home-made Bayandor destroyer, which has joined the Nabovat 3rd region, will remarkably bolster the fleet’s combat might. 

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Rear Admiral Khanzadi highlighted durable security across the country’s waters, noting, “Other countries’ forces that are currently in the region are after their own interests. Their presence and movement in the region’s waters are deceptive and exhibitive. They claim that the region is not safe, however, we see no insecurity in the region.” 

The Iranian Navy has in recent years along with the IRGC Navy have strengthened their capabilities. They are equipped with different home-made weapons.


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