Article by Iranian researchers on Altmetric’s Top 100 list

January 1, 2020 - 19:8

TEHRAN – An article by Iranian researchers has been listed by Altmetric website among the world's top 100 articles that most captured the public’s imagination in 2019, IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday.

The Altmetric Top 100 is an annual list of the research that has most captured the public’s imagination each year, which is released since 2013.

The article presented, for the first time in the world, very precise and unprecedented evidence of the association between drinking tea at temperatures hotter than 60 degrees with a 90 percent increased risk of squamous cell carcinoma (the most prevalent esophageal cancer worldwide).

Esophageal cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. With an estimated 456,000 new cases and 400,000 deaths annually, esophageal cancer was the eighth most common cancer and the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide in 2012.

The article by Farhad Eslami, a researcher at the center of gastroenterology and liver disease of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, led by Reza Malekzadeh and in collaboration with other researchers of this institute and foreign researchers, published in the International Journal of Cancer on March 20, 2019. It is ranked 73rd in the Top 100 Altmetric list.

Altmetric is a data science company whose mission is to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly literature and collate what people are saying about published research outputs in sources such as the mainstream media, policy documents, social networks, blogs, and other scholarly and non-scholarly forums. 

In doing so, it provides a more robust picture of the influence and reaches of scholarly work. Altmetric works with some of the biggest publishers, funders, and institutions around the world to deliver this data in an accessible and reliable format.

In November of each year, a list of the most discussed research in a database that was published in the past 365 days is evaluated and ensured that the research is original. Then the Top 100 is selected and ranked by Altmetric Attention Score.


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