Kish Island to host seminar on indigenizing petchem catalysts

January 12, 2020 - 15:16

TEHRAN – Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC) is going to hold a seminar on the indigenization of petrochemical industry catalysts in Kish Island on January 16, IRIB reported.

According to the seminar’s executive secretary, the Islamic Republic has successfully indigenized the technology used to produce two major catalysts used in petrochemical, and refining industries.

“Two important and strategic catalysts used in the country’s petrochemical and refining industries, namely methanol synthesis catalyst and LTSC catalyst, have been indigenized, which will be unveiled at the seminar on catalyst indigenization,” Mohammad-Amin Ebrahimi said.

Underlining the significance of the mentioned catalysts, Ebrahimi said these two catalysts were previously supplied from some European companies and after the re-imposition of the U.S. sanctions the industry was facing problems in this regard.

“Now, we have become self-sufficient in producing these catalysts and we have received the technical approval from the country's petroleum industry research institute,” he added.

Mentioning the seminar, Ebrahimi said for the first time in the country, the mentioned seminar is aimed to create a common language and synergy between catalyst producers and consumers and also to discuss and evaluate the performance of the native catalysts.

Back in September 2019, Managing Director of Iran’s Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (PRTC) said the country’s petrochemical complexes were keen on utilizing domestic catalysts in their operations.

Ali Pajouhan said that significant steps were taken for the domestic production of catalysts used in petrochemical processes in Iran.

He said 13 petrochemical companies had purchased the catalysts and would use them in their operations.

Petrochemical is Iran's most important industry after oil and gas. The National Petrochemical Company hopes to lift output capacity to 120 million tons per annum by 2022.

The petrochemical industry has played a key role in domestic economic growth as it creates value-added and reduces the sale of oil and gas on which the economy has been dependent for decades.

With abundant hydrocarbon reserves and new private sector investments, Iran is working hard to maintain its global status in the key sector and broaden its scope.


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