U.S. presence Afghanistan’s main problem: Velayati

January 28, 2020 - 21:8

TEHRAN – In a meeting with UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for Afghanistan Tadamichi Yamamoto, Top Adviser to Iranian Leader for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velyati named presence of foreign intruders such as the US as the main problem of Afghanistan.

The Iranian official referred to the upcoming elections in Afghanistan, underlining the significance of participation of all Afghan groups and nation in it.

“Iran has always supported Afghanistan and sowing stability and peace in that country but it is for sure that Iran’s measures have to be backed by Afghan government and nation,” he said, “Regarding the US conspiracies against Afghanistan and the region has highlighted the role of the UN in resolving disputes.”

Velayati reiterated that US presence in Afghanistan will impede peace seeking trends and in case Americans leave that country, Afghans can play a role in their destination and fate.

The UN official, for his part, called for further participation of the Islamic Republic in Afghanistan’s peace talks.

Yamamoto met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on Monday to discuss the latest situation in Afghanistan.

In the meeting, Yamamoto expounded on the latest internal developments in Afghanistan, highlighted the Islamic Republic of Iran’s support for the Afghan government and nation throughout the years of war in that country, and lauded Iran’s positive role in helping resolve the problems of Afghanistan.

For his part, Zarif pointed to the results of the presidential election in Afghanistan, and stressed the need for protecting the votes of the Afghan people and for pursuing this process until achieving the results and declaration of the final results by observing the fairness and transparency of the election.

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