By Martin Love

The “Deal of the Century” is DOA, period

January 29, 2020 - 19:39

NORTH CAROLINA - So in Washington this week Americans witnessed two criminals, Netanyahu and Trump, putting forth a Mideast “peace” plan where one side, the Palestinians, have no representation at all (nor a hand in crafting the proposals), and which must be a total embarrassment.

After 100 years of conflict since the Balfour Declaration gave Jews a faux, unilateral “right” to colonize Palestine with force and dispossess the indigenous inhabitants, nothing has been achieved to establish equity. Anyone who has bothered to study the history of the Mideast over the last century, whatever their original orientation may be, almost invariably comes to the logical conclusions that a tragic wrong has been done to Palestine and Palestinians. At first this was done for purely political reasons by British leaders, but since the 1940s, the colonization was seized upon by Zionists and their supporters as a “fair” reaction to the so-called Holocaust, except that it created a Nakba holocaust for millions of Palestinians, who had no hand in Europe’s mistreatment of Jews.

There was always some hope that Washington might get around to dealing with some fairness and giving the Palestinians a break in the longer-term interests of fairness itself and some regional peace. You can forget this with Trump, and the irony and hypocrisy are enormous.

Trump by most all accounts is immoral, totally non-religious person. There is no aspect of his adult life that is not marked by lying, cheating and stealing, and this both in his personal and domestic life and in his business dealings. No one of such low or no character and paltry intelligence has EVER been a U.S. President until now. This is a President who, for one thing, refuses even to release his tax returns – because they are almost certainly marked by deception and fraud and corruption. This is a President who has told more outright lies than any other ever, and yet at the same time he has surrounded himself with many people who are alleged “Christians” or evangelicals, who are thus by inclination also Zionists. Why? Because Trump might not otherwise have any kind of political base – so he plays into the fears, delusions, fantasies and sheer ignorance of these people while pretending to have religious convictions of his own.

Zionists in Israel eat this up, pandering to Trump’s weaknesses and his narcissism and desire to be “liked”, and it goes beyond “liking”: some have called him a quasi “messiah” who was elected President by a “god’s” will to “save” the Jews who in fact are enemies to themselves ultimately.  Trump is being played by people like Natanyahu – people who really at bottom don’t care at all for or about the U.S. nor for its leaders, but are just seizing on opportunities to use and to milk the U.S. politically and financially and abuse people like Trump and others in an administration that is the most fervently Christian Zionist ever in the U.S. The Trump gang hasn’t just dropped support for a two-state solution, it has moved U.S. policy to endorsing the reality that Netanyahu’s right-wing government has created: an ethno-national state where Israel retains territories it illegally occupied in the 1967 war. This is a world where international law has been completely ignored, and it all began to grow much worse during Ronald Reagan’s tenure in the White House in the 1980s. The one hope of late has been that the International Criminal Court in The Hague might condemn Israel and its war crimes and human rights abuses, as it claimed it might, but nothing has been done yet – in part because both the U.S. and Israel have been threatening the court with counter measures.

There was not a single Palestinian in the White House room where Trump announced the plan on Tuesday. But Sheldon Adelson and wife were there, and other hardcore conservative Jews like Ron Lauder and evangelicals like the self-proclaimed “minister” John Hagee. It was like a conclave of the demented.

Trump, according to Leith Marouf, a widely followed media consultant and Mideast expert who lives in Canada and in Lebanon, said that during the meeting Trump literally boasted about the “deal” and the assassination of Iran’s General Soleimani. Marouf correctly contends that Soleimani’s murder was for apartheid Israel, making this usurpation of Palestine more possible.

Meanwhile, the impeachment “trial” of Trump in the U.S. Senate continues, and even though more evidence of Trump’s misdeeds could even be testified to by none other than John Bolton, it’s still likely Trump won’t be forced to step down, and even if he were, is Mike Pence any better? No, he seems to be dumber than even Trump and Mike Pompeo, if that’s possible. Yet there must be some hope that Americans may be becoming less inclined to vote for Trump in November. Trump could lose the election, preferably, to Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. There is a man of character.

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