Parl. key committee strongly condemns U.S.-proposed Mideast plan

February 4, 2020 - 11:21

TEHRAN — Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee issued a statement late on Monday condemning the so-called “deal of the century”, asking all parliaments of Muslim countries to support the democratic solution of the referendum in the occupied lands

The parliamentary committee said the only solution for the Palestinian problem is to hold a referendum among the main residents of the Palestinian lands, including Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

In its statement, the parliamentary committee said the United States’ new scheme is a declaration of war against Islam.

According to the committee, the so-called solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a clear violation of international resolutions and law.

Despite Washington’s claim, the plan will not bring peace, rather it will increase tensions in the region, the statement added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers resistance as the only way to confront the Zionist regime, it said.

The committee urged parliaments of Islamic countries to condemn the U.S. proposal and support the Palestinians’ rights.

U.S. administration unveiled the highly controversial plan last week. The deal has been widely condemned among Muslim countries as a flagrant violation of Palestinians’ rights.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi described the move as “treason of century” against the inalienable rights of Palestinian people and called for the governments and freedom-seeking nations to counter the move.


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