Visit majestic Ameri House while making excursion to central Iranian oasis, desert

February 12, 2020 - 19:38

TEHRAN – Many visitors to Ameri House (also called “Khaneh-ye Ameriha), which in fact constitutes one ring of a circle of historical mansions in Kashan, say it is a must-see destination while making an excursion to the oasis city that lies on the margins of a central Iranian desert.

In short, it is a magnificent house with a unique architecture both in interior and exterior designs with spectacular painting, mirror arts, and vivid woodwork, stuccowork and tilework.

Narratives say that once at one time nine families lived there.

Nowadays it also serves as a boutique hotel. Travelers can rent beautiful rooms and have a pleasant staying. You can just pay a visit there if you are not willing to stay.

The well-preserved hotel keeps its original features intact. The restaurant of this residence is in the large saloon called mirror room and it’s gorgeous.

Kashan not only boasts a cluster of architectural wonders, an atmospheric covered bazaar and a UNESCO-recognized garden, but it also offers a gateway to magnificent sceneries.

Many travelers opt to pass Kashan on their journeys between Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd, because this delightful oasis city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir, is one of Iran’s most alluring destinations.


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