Larijani, Assad underline continued war on terrorism in Syria

February 17, 2020 - 20:0

TEHRAN - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Syrian President Bashar Al Assad, in a meeting in Damascus on Sunday, voiced their countries’ determination to do their best to put an end to the evil phenomenon of terrorism in the war-hit Syria. 

Larijani left Tehran for Damascus on Sunday to hold a series of meetings with senior Syrian officials over ways to expand bilateral ties and conferring on the most important regional developments.

In his meeting with Assad, the speaker said, “Iran will continue supporting Syria in the war on terrorism.”

Touching upon Syrian Army’s recent victories against the terrorist groups in the northwestern province of Idlib, Larijani said, “Iran is certain that Syria is capable of keeping war on the terrorists to free the entire militant-held regions and return Syria into its previous standing.”

Assad said, “The Syrian people have laid emphasis on cleaning their country from the terrorists.”

According to Press TV, the Syrian army has made unprecedented advances in the northwestern Aleppo province, which borders Turkey.

The Syrian military has brought back most of the province under sovereign control. Russian aircraft targeted terrorist positions there in advance to facilitate government movement on the ground.

Reuters referred to the towns of Anadan and Haritan as some of the places liberated in the joint counterterrorism push.

Larijani says Iran’s support for Syria ‘is not a tactical issue’ 

During his stay in Damascus, Larijani held a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Hamoudah Sabbagh on Monday morning. 

“The U.S. created terrorist groups in the region which was unfortunately supported by certain regional countries, but you (the Syrians) foiled the plot by your resistance,” Larijani said in the meeting. 

“We are determined to support Syria. We have supported Syria with complete knowledge about Syria and the region. We don’t consider our supports for Syria as a tactical issue,” he added. 

Sabbagh, for his part, highlighted martyr General Qassem Soleimani’s role in war on terrorism.

Both speakers called for expansion of all-out ties between Tehran and Damascus. 

The Iranian speaker also exchanged views with Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis in Damascus on Monday. 

Larijani and Khamis, in their meeting, voiced their countries’ enthusiasm to reinvigorate cooperation in various economic, political and scientific arenas. 

Larijani further said that Iran is well prepared to assist Syria to reconstruct its infrastructure.  

 Iranian parliament speaker says regional countries should settle disputes via dialogue 

Speaking at a press conference in Damascus on Monday, Speaker Larijani said Iran has always been a full supporter of settling possible disputes between the regional countries through diplomatic ways.
On Tehran’s policies, Larijani said, “Iran intends the nations of region to enjoy friendly relations and if there is any dispute in between it should be solved through dialogue.”

Larijani further termed Iran-Syria trade ties as important and said the two governments should pave due ground for expansion of cooperation in order to facilitate the process.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani pointed to the Syrian government and nation’s campaign against terrorism and said, “We have always supported the Syrian nation. We believe that war on terrorism is an important issue, but the U.S. and certain countries in the region covertly provided support for terrorists.”

The Iranian speaker added that Syria is a key part of the axis of resistance.  

Iran and Syria have been taking major steps for the expansion of their trade ties. The two sides have exchanged numerous trade delegations in the past few months and Iranian private companies are investing in various fields of the Syrian economy like providing construction materials especially cement and working on several reconstruction projects.



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